Air filter from amazon



I thought I would save some money by buying my own air fan, duct, and carbon filter. Do you think this will work well or am I wasting my money?

Air Fan 4 inch:

4 Inch carbon filter:

4 inch duct:

4 x 4 inch vent clamp

Cost me $134 with shipping and tax.



We wish you the very best and look forward to hearing how it goes. : )


Carbon will help with odor but you didn’t include any sort of particulate filtration. Where there’s smoke there’s a laser… you definitely don’t want to vent inside without a robust particulate filter, ie HEPA level filter.


Thanks a bunch for the info!


Do you think these will work or am I being naive?


I’m definitely not an air filter professional… I only play one in the forums. That being said I think you can definitely construct one. Here is a link to one that someone built. DIY Laser Air Filter


wow…that looks…much more than the Forge’s filter. both in cost both in space and effectiveness. I can see the dramatic drop in replacement costs though.

I’ve figured that I’ll probably just use the Forges’ filter until I figure out a shop type space and then use the Forge to help make a bigger filter.


Somehow missed that build. Good to resurrect these threads. Definitely need to go through the link sheet again.

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