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So yesterday I was using my air filter and I started to smell burnt smell as if the filter was sparking or smoking. The plug attached to the filter started flickering and making a sizzling like sound. I assumed the filter was full because the weeks prior I could start smelling the acrylic while cutting.

My question is, should I buy the replacement filter to go inside or is that too risky since it was giving a “sparking noise”. I don’t want to buy a new filter if the entire filter is damaged.

In the meantime, what can I use to vent through the window so bugs/odor doesn’t get inside? Also is there anything I can use to reduce the noise?

I really want to replace the airfilter but I also don’t want to start a electrical fire. HELP!

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Sparks coming out of the plug? The filter being full does not cause electrical sparks – I doubt that would have passed UL approval. I would contact Glowforge Support for help if the sparks were on the filter end of the cord, or an electrician if it’s on the wall end. Either way, don’t use it until that’s resolved.

If you search the forum, you can find a lot of venting solutions.


it wasn’t necessarily “sparking” but it was giving a sparking noise if that makes sense. and the light was blinking on and off like the connection was bad

If the power connection is bad I would first try the filter in another outlet. It could be the outlet or filter’s plug or power cable.

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I believe its the filters plug because it was making a noise near the power switch on the filter where the plug is

If it were my filter doing what you describe, I’d first make sure the cord is properly plugged into the filter. If it is, I’d try swapping out the cord. Many devices use cords like the one the filter uses, so chances are there’s one around somewhere. If that doesn’t fix it, I’d say it seems very likely the fault is inside.

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