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If I remember correctly, when you finished filling out the form and submitted it, a Google Forms page should have come up indicating that your responses to the questions were successfully submitted.


Thanks for the snip. I read that, then promptly forgot it.


Indeed - I don’t have anything more precise right now.


@henryhbk What are you making with Red Oak?


Please let us know if this ever happens. It’s directly contrary to the terms of our referral program, and may result in the offender forfeiting any referral payments. We tried to make sure we removed incentives for inappropriate behavior. Here’s part of the relevant text from our agreement:

You may post your Referral Link on your own social media pages or your own owned web presence, but may not post them on or in connection with other people’s or organization’s web sites, social media pages, channels or postings (including in any comments or replies to other people’s or organizations’ posts) without their explicit permission.


I never considered recommending Glowforge to family or friends, and so never looked at those terms before. They are direct from cloud cuckoo land. You should have your staff check out a couple of obscure websites called “Reddit” and “Facebook”.

$100-$500 cash is more than ample incentive for inappropriate behavior.


Our staff doesn’t monitor any site but this one (and some of the posts on our own Facebook page, if I remember). Please do let us know if anyone’s abusing the referral program so we can make sure there’s no incentive for them to do so. Just email support with a link and screenshot so we can follow up.


Any Pictures of that box?
My thoughts coincide.


Its really irritating to see people selling there referral code on ebay. If you just search Glowforge on ebay you will see it.



and then there are coupons sites like this, @dan:


You’ve got to be kidding me! :smile:

I’ll bet Glowforge has something in place to prevent abuse of the system. Too many people using the same code would be one easily tracked tip-off.


only 10 can successfully use each code.


It’s such a crowded market that Glowforgers are now routinely offering half of their bounty back to the buyer in order to make their code more competitive. It’s Amways all the way down.


And I’ve had at least one person ask for a code on FB, then pm me and ask for a kickback.


Hi there. Is there an estimate on the shipping of these filters? I don’t have one on order because I work in a school and we cannot purchase backorder items. I do have approval to purchase one- was expecting the April ship date on the Glowforge filter. When the school year end, the money will go “poof” so waiting isn’t an option.
Thank you.


Why would you sell your referral code for 99 cents ?!?!? Even if you had the system completely automated so you had no labor involved in creating the listing, forwarding the code and doing the accounting, you’re doing it all for a maximum of $9.90. Educate me on what I am missing.


they’re just looking for another avenue to get their code out and i believe $0.99 is the cheapest you can sell anything for on ebay. so they’re still getting the full $100 to $500 for the referral, plus the $0.99 minimum sale price on amazon.


Good pt. I totally spaced on the money glowforge gives you. Now it makes a lot of sense, plus I get to feel stupid. I’ll go sit in the corner.


Now that’s a classy brand experience for all involved.