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They’re expected to be under $250.


Are we suppose to be able to check eta for the filter in our order history? I think I have checked everywhere?


yes but the procedure is a bit complex.

  1. go to
  2. if you aren’t signed in click on sign in
  3. if you are redirected to go back to (I reccomend typing it in. but if you use the back buttons be sure to refresh)
  4. you should now be logged in and have your E-mail address on the upper right of the page.
  5. click on your E-mail address
  6. delivery date should be on the right hand side in a column. If not click on purchase history on the left and check for an air filter.

if you haven’t gotten to your estimated date with that it’s likely time to open a support ticket.

good luck.

it’s been pointed out in another thread it’s much simpler just to go to it will handle the login and put you in the right place most of the time.


Thank you, I will try! :slight_smile:


Because Lisa has other stakeholders and it seems like she spends normal, healthy amounts of time on this, I think it’s important to qualify this statement for her. The update says:

In Glowforgese, “we’re working to make this available in October” is very different from the English “this will be available in October”. If you have stakeholders who expect you to keep, respect, or remember promises you make, I would not even mention this to them.

We do not know what this alternative filter is or whether it is likely to be fit for purpose – much less your specific purpose. To my incomplete knowledge, there is no filter on the market available for within a few hundred dollars of what Glowforge is advertising its offering for; that makes me a little wary of what the “upgrades” will be. In addition, Glowforge has little incentive to make the offering appealing, given that it claims its own model will be on the market in months.

It’s not apparent that this was in the cards until very recently – less than a month ago they were telling us we’d be getting our Glowforge filters from Mexico at the end of September – so unless they are dusting off an existing Plan B that was fairly far along, they will need to do the changes to motors and filtering materials and presumably need to test these. And then produce the units. There are 38 working days remaining between now and October 31. Color me skeptical.

All of which is to say: by all means stay tuned, but don’t get anyone’s hopes up that you’ll have a useable laser cutter by the end of the year, or indeed the end of the school year.


Fantastic!!! :heart::purple_heart::blue_heart::green_heart::orange_heart:

The new Glowforge Air Filter design (with all its features) will totally be worth the wait for me.


Might the Glowforge Air Filter cartridges be able to be placed in a recycle bin?


If a window is not required and can be used for homes, offices and libraries, how strong can the oder/smell spread indoors? I haven’t been able to use my GFPro much because I have bad ventilation in my basement and I’m nowhere near a window. I’m just worried that even with the filter, the smell and some smoke will still come out and spread.


If there is smoke there is a problem. There will be no smoke.

Smell on the other hand there will be. Properly vented or with a filter there will be no smell from the exhaust, but there will be odor from the stuff you remove (unless you only engrave tiles or mark metal.) Whether or not it is something you find tolerable or intolerable is a personal thing.


i can’t comment on the GF filter, obviously. but i will say that the big BOFA filter we have at my office for the industrial laser eliminates any odor during the cut. running it after and leaving the lid closed helps with overall smell, too.

that said, no matter what you do, when you lift the lid, there will always be odor. the materials that were cut still smell like burned materials. the inside of your GF will always have that smell. so you can’t ever completely eliminate any odors at all. but the most significant smell is from the exhaust during cutting and any good filter (which we hope the GF filter will be) should eliminate that.


My Glowforge Pro is in the basement, I was able to use an existing drier vent with the hose that was supplied with the unit. After some added duct tape I have no smoke and only smell from what remains inside the unit after cutting or engraving.

There is nothing else connected to this drier vent as the drier. I have seen posts where someone has built a Y adapter on their drier vent with blast gates on either side as an alternative.

Even if you don’t have a drier vent in your basement, they are fairly easy to install. As long as you own the house and are going to stay true for a few years it would be worth the investment IMHO.


I am in the same boat. With this latest delay (that I should have at least been e-mailed about) It will pretty much be two full school years without my students being able to use this thing. It’s a giant paperweight. As a non-profit we had to work really hard to secure the grant money, and with nothing to show for it, it has damaged any opportunities we had with a company who was very generous with us in the past.

I don’t know how anyone finds these business practices acceptable. I could have used the money on other pieces of equipment that our students could have been learning and creating on. Two whole school years down the tubes. Ridiculous. A few of our Tech partners warned me to stay away from Glowforge and I didn’t listen. But I’ve sure been passing that message along at my conferences and webinars I’ve run this past year.


I would think at this point, at least the initial backers should get the alternative filter for free as well as the originally promised filter when that is available. I mean we are almost at a year since the filters were said to be ready after the GF units started shipping. It’s just about 3 years from when I first order right now! That’s a long time to wait.


I think a better lesson than “stay away from Glowforge” is “don’t pre-order items that aren’t being manufacturered yet”.


yeah, i think the most important factor in crowdfunding is to not “need” something by any specific date. not that i wasn’t unhappy with delays or that i wouldn’t be significantly more unhappy if i needed the filter to make it work, i totally would be. but crowdfunding has pitfalls and missing dates, often by years (i’m still waiting on my stupid Lampster, which still says delivery date: june 2016 on kickstarter and my pledge date is dec 2015). and sometimes just fail to produce.

again, not that i don’t sympathize, even empathize. but crowdfunding risks are real.


Try to keep the funding agency informed of the actual issue, so that they can make better choices in the future, help others make better choices, and also still be willing to work with you.

What that “actual issue” would be: Never fund someone so that they can then fund a pre-order/kickstarter/indiegogo/whatever.

Both you and they made the mistake of thinking that this was them investing in you. But what it really was, is them giving you money, so that YOU can invest in Glowforge. If it was proposed in that way from the start, neither you nor they would have even attempted to have anything to do with it.

So, if the lesson they learn is “Don’t work with bobbyackroyd!” then they WILL get bitten again in the future when someone else makes this mistake. Help them to learn that the REAL lesson is “Make sure a product exists, is shipping, and has solid reviews before authorizing someone to buy one with your money.”


measure the opening… I’m sure we can figure something out. That link i posted, the metal frame is only maybe 1" deep (outside to inside). It’s made of shaped metal, about 3mm thick…

There’s always the foamboard and duct-tape method! Lets get you workin!


I have not used the machine…because I HAVE been waiting for the filter. you should extend the warranties to begin when the filters finally ship…Will . I have to wait another year? This is exhausting.


It’s too late for you, but for anyone else in the same potential position, the uncertainty around the delivery of the filter suggests the invitation to get the GF should be declined unitl the filter is ready. IIRC that was an option in the “would you like your GF” email.

Too much still not known to us to really plan on any delivery projections. Even if it’s their “best” estimate, it’s still a guess. :slightly_frowning_face:


I think the third thing I actually made with the glowforge (after the founder’s ruler and a dollhouse door) was a window vent thing like that. Couldn’t conscience spending $60 on one.