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That’s what I do. But it kind of depends on what your prevailing wind is.


you may be able to find a piece of thick, but soft and flexible, foam and cut it to fit the window–maybe with a slot to fit over any portion that swings in or a second piece to block the top half where hit opens above–and a hole for the hose. even if it doesn’t block everything that could come back on the window, it would block the majority of it.


I’d block the window as best you can. Something as simple as a sheet of plastic or tarp tacked into place is going to keep most of the smoke from blowing back in, and will probably make it a lot more pleasant to work with. And it’s temporary. Maybe you could even work something out with magnets.


With a tilt/casement window you can totally throw your hose out the window, but you may get blowback. I’d suggest either getting another fan to put at the end of the hose to really push the smoke away - OR if you’re willing to put in some build time you could make a pressure frame for the inside of your window


Yours certainly wouldn’t have to retract like the one in the picture, but using thin wood/acrylic (if you wanna see through it), then cut a hole the size of the hose, and when it’s time to run the :glowforge: pop that into the opening

Fingers crossed for you!


You could use that tape on,heat shrink film plus some foam…?


I put off making a proper vent for a long time. I finally cut a hole in my house the other day, and let me tell you, I wish I didn’t put it off. It is SO much more pleasant to use the machine.

If cutting a hole isn’t in the cards, take some of the advice in this thread and find a way to make the window more well-sealed on a temporary basis. It’s worth it.


I put in a piece of 2" foam and covered it with aluminium tape…