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That’s what I do. But it kind of depends on what your prevailing wind is.


you may be able to find a piece of thick, but soft and flexible, foam and cut it to fit the window–maybe with a slot to fit over any portion that swings in or a second piece to block the top half where hit opens above–and a hole for the hose. even if it doesn’t block everything that could come back on the window, it would block the majority of it.


I’d block the window as best you can. Something as simple as a sheet of plastic or tarp tacked into place is going to keep most of the smoke from blowing back in, and will probably make it a lot more pleasant to work with. And it’s temporary. Maybe you could even work something out with magnets.


With a tilt/casement window you can totally throw your hose out the window, but you may get blowback. I’d suggest either getting another fan to put at the end of the hose to really push the smoke away - OR if you’re willing to put in some build time you could make a pressure frame for the inside of your window


Yours certainly wouldn’t have to retract like the one in the picture, but using thin wood/acrylic (if you wanna see through it), then cut a hole the size of the hose, and when it’s time to run the :glowforge: pop that into the opening

Fingers crossed for you!


You could use that tape on,heat shrink film plus some foam…?


I put off making a proper vent for a long time. I finally cut a hole in my house the other day, and let me tell you, I wish I didn’t put it off. It is SO much more pleasant to use the machine.

If cutting a hole isn’t in the cards, take some of the advice in this thread and find a way to make the window more well-sealed on a temporary basis. It’s worth it.


I put in a piece of 2" foam and covered it with aluminium tape…


I’m a bit frustrated at the inability to get a response in regards to our air filter order. We received our Pro on 8/20/18. I made the purchase through our Corp Purchaser. All account association would be through my purchaser. She’s in San Jose and I’m in Massachusetts… I’ve made 3 requests for an update over the last 3 weeks with only the automated response that Glowforge is busy with requests etc… If I need to do any cutting I move the machine to an un-alarmed door so I can safely vent. I realize it’s probably a busy time of year… I just need an update which will show in my account…


I’m a Day Two (September 25, 2015) purchaser and my estimated delivery date is currently January 30, 2019. I don’t have a sense of how wide the spread of those dates is for later purchasers.

Glowforge has been more forthcoming than usual about the current source of delay – the filter design needed a tooling change – but refuse to say anything about how that is going other than to say “everything’s fine”. If past performance is an indicator of future results, that means it’s about time for them to move my delivery date back by another two months.


It is my guess that everyone in a country with many obstacles will find that they have a very short spread based around such breakthroughs as getting UL certification or other hoops, If I had put off getting my Glowforge till they got the filters out I would still be waiting well over an extra year instead of the three months expected at that time. Bird in the hand and all that, I am so glad I did not wait.


I did when I bring the laser down to the medical school. Depending on wind you may get blowback into the room (but a beach towel seemed to tame that - yeah, that’s not the OSHA way, but it worked and what I had in my car at the time)


Ordered 7/17/16, current estimate March 31, 2019. sigh


Ordered Feb 3 2016. Est ship date 3/31/2019




I understand… My issue is more that I’ve no idea where our filter is in the Queue. I’ve logged 3 help requests going back 4 weeks with no response. Had I purchased the machine directly Glowforge would have a record of my purchasing the machine. Since my purchasing department bought it for me there’s no indication in my account that I own a Glowforge Pro… Therefore I don’t see a record of ownership in my account. Just a flag at the top asking if I’d like to buy a machine.

Given that Public2 is a day two owner, with a filter delivery date at the end of Jab 2019… I can only guess that we’ll receive our filter after I retire in 2020…


Could you go in as your company and see all the data? also to use it you would need to have it give you co-owner status to get in to the GFUI or purchase from the store, alternatively it sould “sell” it to you and record you as the new owner.


I’m surprised you’re able to get on the forum without account login information.

Yeah, that’s actually not crazy talk.


Since I live in a basement room the GF i got last year has sat unused since i cannot provide adequate ventilation and with a filter that i may never see i bought a really expensive conversation piece. Sigh reading updates about more delays always make my day.


for those out there that can tinker. I would suggest this…

I saw a rainbow machine vacuum decades ago, my folks have one now. ALL of the dirt is trapped in teh that water. the claim to fame is the impeller apparatus that separates out the air flow from the water.

I would think it would work. now the actual vacuum has significant suction, which might be more effective attached some how to the 'forge.


There was talk about doing this a while back and the impeller as centrifuge to pull the water out a cool trick but the air volume needs to be very high to pull enough through and not smoke up a room.

However it’s main use appears to be one of clearing the smoke from a room rather than hooking it directly to the exhaust and there one or four might be very useful particularly with a pro with the front passthrough open as the head fan throws the smoke hard against the front and even a good negative pressure pulling air in might not counteract it when the head is near the front and there is a lot of smoke.