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We have some amazing artist work/live lofts around here that I drool over, but they aren’t practical for families. Not sure where you live, but New England is littered with old mill towns with converted mill buildings. High ceilings, industrial strength floors, and gorgeous tall windows. And not stupidly expensive. (I should say not stupidly expensive for the area, which is pricey in comparison to other parts of the US)


I’m hoping someday to get a regular studio here as they are very reasonably priced, but the work/live lofts are amazing. There’s a little photo gallery in here somewhere:


In Orlando where i was looking or Tampa where I am at, not so much. But not so cold either.


A little cold is good for you. Builds character.


Usually becomes the flu and then pneumonia not so good.

I’m told that if I build any more character I’d become a characature


It does sound like a good improvement, I’m willing to wait more for a better product. Winter is coming again and opening a window just far enough for the exhaust hose in winter is inconvenient, I have to use a back room that I heat enough to to stay well within the operating range of my forge.
Lasering is so rewarding that I soon forget about the minuses.
R.L. Hamm


I have been warned that while this produces no smoke, it does still put tiny slivers of stone, glass, etc. into the air, and breathing that is about as healthy as it sounds.


but can be filtered with a vacuum cleaner bag,


I agree with this statement. I received mine in October 2017 and I just found out now that I won’t receive anything until next year. I would love to do more with my Glowforge but the smell/smoke produced while working with it indoors is very limiting for my family for safety reasons. A proper filter should be available (even temporarily) and would be really helpful.


At the end of the day, here is just ANOTHER example of Glowforge’s tendency to overpromise and underdeliver. Honestly, they’ve been sitting on my cash for over 3 years now. It’s kind of starting to seem like a failed enterprise. I’d say don’t hold your breath, but you kind of have to if you don’t have an air filter.


My delivery estimate has not changed. Should I presume that is intentional?

Do you actually have the tooling? Have you shot it yet?



I’m afraid we don’t share that level of production detail.


It really is unfortunate that this keeps being pushed out. I get the QC driven re-engineering, interruptions in supplier(s), need for new moulds, etc. all having a ripple effect, but as a large number of people have mentioned, usability is quite low, since there is no filtration. Some have rigged various solutions, including directly venting toxins out their windows, but that’s not sustainable and devalues the Glow Forge considerably. You have a cutting device you can’t use for safety and environmental compliance reasons. We’ve looked at a number of stand alone roll-up filters that we can install to pull away the vapor waste, but they are expensive and frankly, we’ve already spent that money, which is in escrow with Glow Forge.

In this thread, there’s a promise of an interim solution, shipping in October. I may have missed it, but the month is past and gone, but I did not see anything about the interim solution. Could we please get an accurate estimate on the proposed filter that is filling in for the real filter? If the new delivery dates for the ‘ideal’ are middle to end of Q1 2019 (makes me think Q3 at best), then perhaps this is an area that Glow Forge considers refunding this portion of your backers orders, so we can purchase from another partner and therefore, have the opportunity to properly use our laser cutter. I suspect a real look at the liability created by people cutting without proper ventilation, is significant and I don’t see any credible answer coming from the Glow Forge team, which only perpetuates the problem for everyone.


FRUSTRATED! Please - if anyone has any further insight on the filter situation, please reach out to me ASAP. GF and @dan announced that a 3rd party partner would be announced in October. I see no follow-up. I am about to spend over $6000 to get an industrial filter for our school - the community here has lost all patience for the smoke.

PLEASE reach out to me directly! Howard - howard.levin at, 415-292-3181 with any near immediate filter purchase suggestions.


A few days ago @dan updated the first post in this thread with the following new information:

So it looks like the alternative solution won’t be available until December. :frowning:

Unfortunately there’s no guarantee that anyone at Glowforge will see this. They don’t read every comment on every thread. It’s best to either email or create a new topic in the #problems-and-support section of the forum (which they do read).


I spent a tenth that and it is pretty industrial in ability.


So did you ever figure out a hose?


A 4" hose comes with the Glowforge. you can just wire it close to the ten inch opening and pick up almost all, and the extra would still clean out the room.

Even when I get the official filter ( and send my GF in for refurbishing) i will still be using the other for any sawdust or other smells that may be at issue. I also picked up a 200 cfm fan to try and get the GF smoke outside (it is only partly successful) that will be put to use with any saws or sanding machines I end up using.


Has there been an update on ???when??? we can hopefully expect to receive the filter system? This has certainly been the norm with this purchase. Hopefully sooner than later. Thanks in advance.


We have horizontal swing windows at our school. It’s not as simple as sliding the window up and blocking out the opening with cardboard and feeding the hose through a cutout.

Do you think if we just drape the hose outside of the window from without blocking out the rest of the window that will be fine? We only want to cut wood (bass) at this point. Any thoughts would be great!