Air Filter Problems

We have had our Glowforge Pro for about 2 years now and have the original filter box that we purchased with our GF. Lately, I have noticed that the “Beeps” it makes before turning on have been “dying”. Today I went to run a print and when I turned on the filter there was no beeping, and the light on the switch illuminated, but the fan in the box never turned on.

Wow, you used the same filter for 2 years? I have never used one myself but everything I’ve read on here makes me think that is the record. Some people have had them fill up in just a matter of days.

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There was a spare fuse in the prototype models hidden cleverly somewhere that I can’t remember now, but there was a description of it in the Manual at the time…hold on…

Click on that to open it up bigger. You might have a hidden fuse in yours as well.


Hello! @jcanady it was great working with you in chat today. I will go ahead and close this thread to mitigate any confusion. Thank you for reaching out!