Air Filter Replenishment and Shipping Ideas

This may be lengthy but stick with me and follow the logic, I think everyone will benefit from this. I may be wrong but it is just one perspective, a drop of water in a flowing river.

Given what I have experienced and read in the forums, the shipping and fulfillment has been lacking for some time. Promise a delivery date and it doesn’t even get shipped until well after that date. Big issue for many GF users.

The filters for the Filtration system that some of us use are a critical part of being able to continue working when a filter plugs up, having just got my unit I must use the filter due to living in an apartment and was not familiar with how quickly they plug up so now I’m on hold waiting for a filter.

Currently you can purchase a GF+ from Amazon, makes sense to me since they are like the old Sears and sell everything. If the filters are proprietary to the Filtration system then it seems no one would be interested in purchasing one because they would have no interest in it.

Why not supply the filters to Amazon’s warehousing and make it a quicker process for the GF users to gain access to replacement filters? This concept may be flawed, I’m not privy to internal processes but it’s an idea. If this is not a functioning fix, then maybe give your 3rd party warehousing instructions that ALL filter orders take precedence of top priority.

The replacements are very pricy and not something I want to have say $1000 in just sitting in the closet. BTW, have you thought about lowering the price on the filter?

It would be nice - though I imagine with Amazon’s cut the filters would need to be more expensive - and yes, they are proprietary.

As far as making them top priority, if you’re waiting on a lens you want lenses to be top. Black cable? Same. I think the only thing they ship that isn’t a show-stopper is material, and depending on who you ask even material qualifies…


Yeah, I figured it wouldn’t go anywhere but I had to get it off my mind. Who knows, maybe the GF God’s will look down and favor SOME ideas. :grin:

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Always worth submitting ideas. They put them all in the Hopper and many of them come out as features :slight_smile:

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Unlike Apple, who refuses to accept any suggestions or ideas. I think they are afraid of being sued (yet again) for using someone else’s ideas.

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@lostchild45 Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve passed it along to the team.

I’ve also checked on your order, you should receive a tracking number for your Air Filter in the next day or so. Please send us an email to if you don’t receive it.

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