Air Filter Shipments?

So, last time I contacted Glowforge, I had a lovely chat with someone who informed me that air filters would be rolled out soon and that I should have mine by the end of March. Well, I still don’t have the filter and I don’t see anything posted in the forums that isn’t from mid 2018. I haven’t received any emails either and I have been watching like a hawk. Would any of you good folks know where I might find some information about this? Sadly, I am unable to use my Glowforge until I get the air filter. Any info you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Sorry to hear that you have been waiting that long. Hopefully someone has some good information for you. I cut a hole through a 16" concrete wall so I could play with mine… Felt a bit like a Shawshank moment…

Best of luck!




Thanks for replying, jbpa! I saw that thread and noted it was from last year. I was hoping for more recent info. Maybe another response from someone with more knowledge of the situation will materialize. Thanks, again!

The original was from last year, but it was updated in March. You can login to your account on the glowforge site and look at your purchases; it should show you an estimated timeframe for your filter, but it’s just an estimate at this point.

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Just to add to this, while there are some downsides, you may want to consider the Compact Filter as an alternative if you can’t or don’t want to wait for the original filter.

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Do you have both or either of the filters?

No one has the original filter yet. I do have the Compact Filter—I took advantage of the offer to switch—but I also have my machine setup to where I can vent outside, which I do most often.


Unfortunately, there is no way to vent outside so I must have a filter. I will probably take the leap and get the compact filter. I have so many things ready to make! Thanks for your responses!

Is there any document that compares the two filters? I don’t know if anyone ever got the original one to give a experienced comparison, but that would be great to know

I haven’t set up my glowforge permanently or used it as much as I had hoped partially due to the the filter issue, but don’t want to just jump to the compact one if the the original will be better (ie better integration, better filtering, etc)

Thanks for any thoughts,

I swapped for the compact filter because of one main thing - getting it now was just a bonus. The biggest differentiator for me is that, according to all of the information I have read, when you need to swap the “consumable” Filter out of the “original” GF filter, you will have to lift the Forge off the filter base.

With the compact filter, you just unhitch the top of the filter and don’t have to move the Glowforge at all. For me, this was thing thing that pushed me over the edge.

I have ZERO regrets that I chose to swap for the compact filter.


Zero Glowforge filters have been shipped or evaluated as of yet.

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