Air Filter Shipping

Hi, I purchased a Glowforge in July last year so I’m still waiting for it to arrive! I live in the UK and teach Product Design Technology to teenagers so they are all very excited to start using the Glowforge.
Question 1: when do you think UK orders will be shipped?
Question 2: if I receive the Glowforge and air filter separately, will I have to pay more shipping costs to cover the shipping of the air filter?

Many thanks and a bit more communication for your international clients would be much appreciated!


I purchased mine in October 2015 and since living in Austria I also still wait for it. To my knowledge international shipping hasn’t started yet. If you login to and click on your mail-address you’ll see on purchase history that the shipping fees are split into air filter shipping and glowforge shipping. Therefore I sincerely hope the shipping cost is covered.


@fiona_innes, I believe all shipping costs were included with your original purchase. The only thing you should have to pay in excess is whatever import taxes and fees your particular country charges to bring the laser into the country.

Hope that helps.


No one knows… Dan says “soon” but as we all know he sees time differently to the rest of us.
I can assure you though, once the first International Delivery starts (even to Canada or Mexico) this forum will go ballistic
Officially you can expect it 6 weeks past Oct 31st… unofficially, dont get too excited.

@kennethclapp answered that one for you. Shipping costs were covered when you pre-ordered but Custom Cost etc are up to you


:grinning: Probably channeling his inner American Airlines gate agent :wink:


@kennethclapp is correct, the shipping costs don’t change if the Air Filter ships separately.

Unfortunately I don’t have any additional information about international orders.

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