Air Filter - Switzerland-Germany-Austria?

Dear Swiss, German, Austrian Glowforge Users,
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I just saw that the Glowforge Air Filter is going to be shipped in the near future. (My air filter is here. Live unboxing shortly)
But to be honest I am quite disapointed - there seams nothing special “glowforgisch” about this box. So I am wondering what your plans are. Are you going to stick with the Glowforge Air Filter? Or did you, or going to, buy an other filter like the Mr. Beam ( The advantage about the Mr Beam is that I can order it in Switzerland and therefore don’t have to deal with customs taxes etc. Furthermore it seams that the Mr.Beam Filter comes with pre-Filters - let alone how much easier it is to get spare parts…

Curios what your thoughts are!
Take care!

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Dear Jusjus,
I cancelled my air filter order some time ago and continued venting out the window, until my neighbor complained that her daughter was coughing because of the smell!

I love my Glowforge but about a year ago I was getting frustrated, not just with the fumes but also the engraving speed. So I took the plunge and invested in a Trotec Speedy 300 with the enormous Atmos filter system - problems solved!

I still have my Glowforge if you know of anyone wants to buy it - just let me know.

Have a relaxing Sunday.

Steve Wilkin

I opted for the venting out the window. I use an external fan to male it quieter.

Same here, always vented out the window, and have recently had a hole cut into the wall for a permanent vent.

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