My air filter is here. Live unboxing shortly

This box was just delivered. I think it contains a (non-Compact) Glowforge Air Filter.

I’m going to open it in about 10 minutes here:


How exciting! :grinning:


Thanks for taking the time to share that. I have no use for a filter but I’m interested in seeing what they are sending out. It looks identical to the pics I’ve seen of the CF to me as well.

Would be interesting to compare the volume of the filter vs. the GF exhaust fan.

I’ll be curious to see where the supposed pre-filter is. I expected something you could easily swap out.

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Um, yeah. About that pre-filter.

Reading that very carefully, I see the phrase “supports a prefilter”. Which of course most people would interpret to mean “includes a prefilter”. But all I see is a space where prefilter might, theoretically, go.


I was going to mention but your chat was closed before I could get to it …that filter looks significantly different (nicer) from the Compact Filter cartridges.

Thanks for displaying it…I was curious to see the new one.

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It does seem like what difference there is is entirely in the cartridge itself. And perhaps they had to redesign the fan portion to make room for a different cartridge. The outward-facing specs are literally identical:

This from the manual, which is here for anyone who wants to peruse for differences.


Don’t remember where I saw it, but I was under the impression that they basically beefed up the cartridges in the Compact Filter once they found one that worked to their specs. (So that the folks who got the CF could take advantage of the better filters later I guess.)

Looked good. Congrats on getting one of the first.


Sorry for the multiple stream-of-consciousness posts. I’m just noticing things as I’m going through the manual. The manual seems to be a copy and paste job from the Compact Filter, and the picture wasn’t changed, whereas the unit I got indeed has a rather different filter:

If it’s not clear from the picture, there’s a good 3/4" space in the top which might be just perfect for a pre-filter. And of course, it’s metal all around.


Wow, first I’ve heard of these shipping out. Did you know it was coming?

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Yes, I got the notification a week or so ago.

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Great video! Thanks for posting! I really dig the cart and set up that you have. 1 million times more organized than my set up!

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Thanks for the video! The exterior looks completely identical to the compact filter, I’m very curious about your shiny new filter cartridge though.


that silver material looks like the type of electrostatic filters I use in my home. They are washable/reusable (and not cheap but worth the investment).

I wonder if what we’re seeing is the same kind of thing, somehow attached to the disposable filter element below?

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I know what you’re talking about. It’s not obvious in the video but basically it’s just a metal box. A rather handsome one, but no new technology. If it gets 20% more life, I suspect they just put more filter material in, and/or beefed up the fan.


Not sure my point came across - does that top layer come off, is that perhaps a reusable pre-filter?

When it’s time to replace the filter, be interesting to take apart the box and see what’s in there - maybe source the component pieces elsewhere and refill your box for less than $250 - certainly be able to save the shipping wait that way.

No, and no.

One last video, to show the cartridge in more detail.


Well that’ll be easy to break into. Just grind down the rivets (or get a rivet cutter drill bit attachment). :slight_smile:

I’ll definitely be hacking into mine when I fill it the first time. The initial stage filter should be easy to source as will the activated charcoal. Not sure what they’re doing for a HEPA filter element in that box but I think it may lend itself to refilling later.

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