Air freshener

I’m going to throw this in my wife’s car. Thought it was funny.



It is rather! :smile:

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I think that is walnut.


Thanks for that laugh! Nice tree too…:joy:

Are you sure? It looks like medium green acrylic to me.

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Spray it with something that has a nice smell, and it won’t matter that it isn’t store bought.
Reapply as needed.

Maybe I misunderstood and pine is a verb not a noun?
“suffer a mental and physical decline, especially because of a broken heart.”


Love it! Did you dab some essential oils on it? Do a different smell, like orange or something. Would throw it off even more! ha ha

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You may be poking a bear here,…


I think @makesomething might have some advice on this :grin:


For your single guy friends, just make a silhouette of a lady and spray a generous amount of this scent and you are good to go.


No, I was just being goofy and playing with the idea that it definitely isn’t pine.

For Christmas, my brother-in-law and his wife got a candle - I can’t remember the exact smell, but It was one of those generic candle types like orange. Anyway, her son was so excited (he’s about 9 or so) and when he came to show me, I asked him if it smelled like Mac and Cheese. He immediately said that that was the what it was, and commenced to tell everybody at Christmas to smell his Mac and Cheese scented candle :laughing: We went to their house later and I asked him how his mac and cheese candle was doing and he said that they hadn’t used it yet, but he was still so excited about it.

Great project, though! Had to mention my story, but this really is a cool idea. I like the walnut so much I might just have to hang something like this in my car just for laughs.


I was trying to be funny too. :slight_smile:

that reminded me of this project .

this is also the one my oldest daughter ask me to do :smiley:

I can hear her now. “Well, you ‘pinely’ got something done.”