I Got My Hands On the New Glowforge and Made Some Air Fresheners!



Air freshener
Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 1st, 2017

HAhahaha!! I love the choice of shape!


Hehehe…he calls it ice cream.


Screw the smelly tree people! Ice cream is SO much better.


Snicker Snicker Chuckle Chuckle :poop:


Kinda nice to see paper in there and the workaround for cutting outside first. The camera made that easily possible. I know that we’ve talked about just cutting the inside cuts first here on the forum, but I just like that the job can get done more than one way with ease.


Hahahaha! This is possibly the best reaction to the lawsuit from the air freshener people. Well done


Better than the original! :smile:


That emoji isn’t copyrighted?

Also, great job!


It’s back!!! :smiley:


I believe now that the image is being used satiracly it changes things? But I would say this horses corpse has been punished enough so I don’t know that I care either wY :joy:


I don’t particularly care either. I just thought it was funny that to avoid copyright infringement he did a google image search… I’m sure that’s the joke.


That is technically what it was originally (or was it pudding?), but nobody uses it as that…


Ha! Learned something new…


Back a few years we had dozens of the chocolate scented ones that wouldn’t sell. We took off the driver’s seat cushion in a friend’s car and layered down a bunch, completely unwrapped. We would all snicker when he came in the morning complaining of the weird smell in his car, even after he had cleaned and vacuumed. It was almost two weeks before someone had the heart to finally tell him.

We still hardly sell the chocolate scented ones.


I once got a Hershey’s chocolate-scented candle. Oh… my… goodness. It smelled delicious. Made me hungry every time we lit it.


This was a super fun project! Lots more fun videos with the Glowforge coming soon!


I have to say, your coping saw one was one of the most hilarious videos I’ve seen you put out!


Thanks! Eric and I had a blast!


Actually, it was always supposed to be what everyone uses it as! :smiley: