Album Cover 3d Engrave

I recently released my first studio album under the name The Living Library and decided to do a 3d engrave of my album cover that I designed. The amount of detail and perfection with which the Glowforge was able to do this really blew me away. I am thinking of doing a give away contest with a few of these for those who support my music. For more info on that, you can follow me on facebook HERE. To listen to my music go HERE To visit my website go HERE. Thank you all. This has been a really awesome community to be a part of and I am really inspired by all the things you have shared. I dont participate on here much, maybe ill start doing that more, but I have really enjoyed all the sharing and support I have seen on here. Blessings~


You cant see too well from these pictures, but the double helix along the side has perfect little details so thin that you can barely make them out in this photo

It looks sweet as is, but if you don’t like all the sap on it, don’t forget that a wiping with denatured alcohol can do a lot to remove it and reveal even more fine detail.

Some discussion here:


Thank you, I have been wondering about a good way to remove the sap!

Wow, nice design, and that’s some amazing engraving you’ve done there! Good luck with the album.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Musical and artistic! Way to go! :grinning:

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