Alcohol ink on yupo paper

Hi everybody,

Has anyone ever tried to cut synthetic paper (like yupo or nara) with dried alcohol ink on it? If so, how did the paper and the ink react? Should I mask the art piece before cutting? Anyone has some tips?

I want to try to cut this alcohol ink art piece , but don’t won’t to destroy it in the process :wink:


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Why not just make a test piece?

Paper and thin cardstock tend to char, but I have never masked it.


A quick google search shows alcohol ink does not work as well on the glossy finish of yupo, which mirrors my experience of coloring the engraved glossy white side of B&W board.


@cynd11 might have some knowledge.

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No, sorry, I don’t! At least I don’t remember trying it but my memory is terrible. I would just make a test piece as advised.


Thank you all. I guess I will do as suggested and do some tests.

There have been a few discussions of yupo before. e.g.,:

Easy to find the others with a simple forum search.


I did read that post but it didn’t mention what the laser would do on alcohol ink, or if it was preferable if the art piece should be masked or not.

Hi! I would mask your art. I use acrylic ink on yupo mostly, but I honestly don’t think it will make a big difference. I also use my cricut to cut my yupo paper. Like everybody else said, just get some scrap pieces and test! Good luck!

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