ALERT COOLING again! unreal

What is the deal with this alert cooling issue?
I thought I solved this problem but it keeps on coming back - there must be a work around for us who live in here in Hawaii.

Other than keeping the ambient room temp around the GF under the recommended limits, no real work around exists. The limits are the limits.

Edit: unless you are currently below those(though I don’t believe Hawaii does lower Temps during the day), then sensor issues may be.

What are your current room/daytime average temperatures?


Nor most of the US, southern Europe and even the UK in summer. Seems like a big miscalculation.

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Hmm… I’ve never had my unit at home pause (pro) around 75 degrees most of the time which is within limits, but I used a unit in New York at the world maker faire (basic) which did pause but not until around 90 degrees outside and 105 inside the unit (measured by the air filter pulling the hot air out). I was really impressed with how well it ran sitting in the heat. It didn’t pause to cool until the humidity was really high, so I’m wondering if there may be a relationship there. Do you have a dehumidifier you could try where you’re using the machine?

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I think they might relax the limits for MakerFairs.


I believe Glowforge raised the thermal limits for those Makerfaire units. They decided to burn some of the life out of the tubes since living longer than Makerfaire rather than the normal 2+ years is sufficient for those demo forges.


I think that is true; however, they didn’t raise our limit until we had an issue on the second day. Ran fine in the very warm weather until it got humid.

Maybe they raised the limit to begin with and just raised it more when we had an issue, but it seems like for something as important as maker faire they would have raised it as much as they could to begin with. They definitely raised the limit once we had an issue.


27! indoors?
Do you work in a greenhouse?
Maximum temp we get indoors is about 24 (and that has to be on a run of scorchers).
In the studio 22.

We don’t have AC - the unit stay in the garage

Yes in summer this year in my lab, which is a north facing upstairs bedroom in the UK. Luckily I ordered a pro. It is usually cooler in my garage workshop but not if I run all my 3D printers and CNC router. They add a few kW of heating in a room with no window so it can get up to 30C in the summer.

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Its not even hot - it is just warm and I just turned on the unit
I’ll try this morning to see if it will work

It might be helpful it you can get something like this to get actual surface temps:

What does your exhaust run look like? Is it long, short, 90 degree turns?
The ability of the machine to breathe is crucial, I learned that the hard way.

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Not uncommon to get 30C+ indoors in Oz through Dec-Feb

Thanks @wesleyjames for providing the temperatures.

We’re continuing to refine the operating temperature for your Glowforge. We err on the side of keeping your unit safe rather than risk operating temperatures that could damage your unit.

How long are your prints? I live in San Diego with pretty warm weather all year, and aside from a couple of scorching days, I haven’t had a cooling issue. I’m also much more of a tinkerer though and print a test here and there as a proof of concept, I’m not cranking out 100’s of anything.

I’m pretty much relegated to printing early in the morning and at night. I also got new issues the my prints are not cutting all the way through and I just waisted a whole sheet of large proof grade maple !!!