Alert cooling/ Orange Button

My machine has been stuck in an “Alert Cooling” mode with the orange light for about 2 days now. It does it immediately when I turn it on. My room is set at 60 F. I’ve done everything suggested throughout this forum to try and fix the issue but unsure what else could be going on since it hasnt been used to cause an alert.

Heeeelp Has anyone else experienced this and how long did it last? :frowning:

I sent an email to support glowforge with no answer!

You have opened another ticket with Support by posting here which will slow down your response.

It may be that your machine is too cold, has some blocked flow, or has some damage. As you have already done everything you will have to wait for Support to get back to you.

This will likely last until it is solved. Support can look at your logs and tell you what is going on and your best bet is to wait for them to get back to you.

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If the room is truly that cold, you may be triggering the minimum temp.

  • Recommended Operating Temperature: 60F-75F (16C-24C) Basic and Plus; 60F-81F (16C-27C) Pro

I’m having the exact same issue and it started the same time yours did. I am waiting to hear back from support also. I will relay anything I find out if they get to me first. Please do the same. Thanks!

same thing happen to me since monday and it is stuck on cooling, the room tempt is 74 , i have left the lid open for 2 days straight, i have placed a fan to the right side of the plus, i cleaned the lens, i removed the vent from the back to allow it to not get the heat from outside, i disconnected it from the internet and reconnected. i have turned it off for hours and nothing. i have tried everything i have read and that has been suggested and nothing has helped. sorry for the rant i just cant believe this is happening , it worked perfect for 7 months. am still waiting on a response from them , they seem very helpful but nothing has worked so far. if you fix yours please post how the problems was resolved because i have seen a lot of times people to write now the problem was resolved and that would be extremely helpful

75F is the max operating temperature for a Glowforge Plus. You may want to turn your A/C down a bit more.

For all 3 of you, check if the big flex chain on the left side of the machine is rubbing up against the temperature sensor wire when you move the laser arm forward and back. If it becomes damaged or disconnected, that can make it stuck thinking it’s too hot. You may be able to plug this back in or move it out of the way of the flex chain.

Unfortunately that did not work, I turn it on and hear the exhaust fan kick in then just a humming sound then the orange light come on

Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about the trouble.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.