**Alert Cooling

My machine has been stuck in an “Alert Cooling” mode with the orange light for about a day now. It does it immediately when I turn it on. My room is set at 68. I’ve done everything suggested throughout this forum to try and fix the issue but unsure what else could be going on since it hasnt been used to cause an alert.

Edited to add I live overseas on a military base so sending it in for repairs won’t be an option. Really hoping it’s a tech issue.

Has anyone else experienced this and how long did the stall last if so?

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Hi Ashley, Welcome to the community!
Support will be along to address your issue, posting here opened a problem report for them.

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I have noticed if the room is humid the unit needs to cool more often… see about removing the humidity if there is any… also maybe moisture got into you machine?

a bowl of uncooked rice overnight in your GF, or a bag of humid dry?
see if that helps?


Hello@ashley.f.thigpen I am very sorry about the cooling problem you are running into with your Glowforge printer. I noticed that you sent an email, I went ahead and replied to that one. To mitigate any confusion or miscommunication I will go ahead and close this post. Thank you!