Alien T-Rex!



Instructables did a T-rex 3d model, but with a twist, he did it on clear acrylic. What would be cool is if you could figure out a way to edge-light some of the pieces, could look really cool in the dark. The intractable is here:

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Run el-wire around the edges and you’d have the effect you’re looking for. Easy peasy. Adafruit sells it by the foot in a variety of colors. You could then do a foil tape on top of it so the light only goes down into the acrylic.


Well that would be awesome


Now I’m excited…very good idea! combine the el-wire with Tom’s glow in the dark acrylic and you have something that could scare the bageebers out of the nieces and nephews :smile: Especially if I set them up with a story about how he only glows when he’s hungry…


Nice :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:At least they’ll be able to talk about their crazy uncle during therapy.


You guys are amazing when you get together on an idea…it’s really special! - Rich