Align Artwork

I’m wondering if there is an align function within the - I’ve been importing multiple SVG files to create layers… some engrave and others cut- wondering if there is an align tool within the platform like illustrator would have.

Any advice would be helpful!

No, we generally do that in Illustrator before we save the file. :slightly_smiling_face:

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got it… the was not wanting to read “all” the details of my .svg file… so I was separating them out to beat the system. Worth a try… thanks!

You can create multiple engraves, scores and cuts in a single file, and align them right on top of each other for processing. The system will break it out into separate operations.

The rules are - different stroke colors will each create a different operation for cutting or scoring. Different fill colors will create separate engrave operations for vector fill.

Couple of short tutorials might explain it a little better:


Thanks for all the help @Jules.

Thanks for the suggestion @dinaneem. I’ve passed along your suggestion to our product team!

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