Align cuts with photo for large jigsaw puzzle on GF Basic

I have finally mastered the technique to make great jigsaw puzzles on my Basic, but now I would like to make a larger puzzle by combining 2 sheets of wood. My puzzle photo would be printed and adhered to 2 different boards. My jigsaw cutting file would be divided into 2 halves. Once cut, the 2 halves will combine to make one large puzzle. My question is HOW TO make sure my photo will line up exactly with the cuts on both sides so that I don’t have a mismatch on the picture once combined into one large puzzle. I guess I would like suggestions for ‘crop marks’ printed on the photo that I can use to line up when cutting both halves.

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paging @jbmanning5. i know he was doing this on his machine before he moved on up to the big boy (universal with a larger bed).

I think the term you want to use for searching is “registration marks.” A quick search led me to this, which might get you started:


You’re also going to need overlapping prints of the photo, i.e. two copies.

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Careful trimming, careful gluing, and careful placement.

As far as the file prep, it will be set up with a gutter that overlaps the rows or columns where the puzzle is divided.

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The real beggar you have to be careful with is making sure you have not got the image slightly rotated when you cut it.

That’s why you need at least 3 registration marks as far apart as possible.

Oh I wish the UI had a rotation numerical entry as well as position and size.


I have loaded both cuts at once, setting each at a different color with the image similarly divided if you are engraving it also. Then you cut the first with the top corner at minimum, and then just use shift and up arrow or down arrow on the whole job till the other half has the same numbers.

That is much easier to do than it used to be.


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