Alignment and calibration help

Alignment and calibration.

Hi friends I need help. I usually make smaller projects so aligning my board is not an issue however today I did a full 12 X 12 on a 12 X 20 prograde acrylic board. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it to the very edges. Please see my picture and you will see the print area doesn’t align with the crumb tray.

Is this normal and can I calibrate it or what exactly is the fix? Thank you for your support and help on this.

The maximum cutting area is 10.95" tall (and ~19.65" wide.) It’s in the tech-specs.

That’s what the grey shaded areas are indicating in the UI, that is outside of the working area.


You’re going to have to shrink it a little bit or use the pass through if you have a Pro.


Oh I see thank you for that. I always thought it was 20 X 12 as thats the size of the proofgrade boards

I do have the passthrough but have not used it yet I am a little afraid it wont align.

The size of print space changes based on the print speed. :slight_smile:

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