Alignment and Calibration

My cuts are about an inch off from where i place them on my material. I have noticed the shift in the image vs. cut started yesterday with a 1/4 " difference and has gotten worse.

Ive gone through the camera calibration twice and both times i get a conflicting message. The screen message tells me that the calibration process was interrupted even though I made sure nothing interfered with my wifi, computer or GF. But the pop-up msg that appears in the bottom right screen tells me that calibration is completed and no changes were made. However my cuts are still shifted about 1 whole inch to the right from where i place them. Am I maybe running the wrong calibration and there is something else I should be doing?

I have used the center focusing, I have powered down the unit and restarted, i have disconnected everything and then reconnected and rebooted, I have wiped the camera lens, the mirror, the other laser lens and the other windows, i cleaned the try, wiped it down with rubbing alcohol to remove and possible residue, wiped down the bottom of the machine and made sure the dimples are clean by hitting them with rubbing alcohol as well. I am out of ideas. I have a project coming up that i need accurate design placement on and need to get this resolved ASAP! Please help!Fox owl after

Don’t know if this will work for you but try using your phone hotspot for the calibration process rather than your home wifi. I got this same error 3 times, switched to phone hotspot for just calibration routine which worked flawlessly, then switched back to house wifi and it’s been solid since. (The calibration process is very data intensive but in big spurts, strong wifi that’s at all unstable for long periods can trip the system up)

unfortunately at the moment the phone hotspot is the only option i have, so i have used that. I have a wifi mobile unit at home that I will bring in and try tomorrow, thanks for the input!

Is your tray in?
Is it settled in the divots?
Do you have this issue with :glowforge: provided artwork (Gift of Good Measure) on proofgrade?
What is the thickness of your material?

Generally that’s a focus issue. Are you using Set Focus before placing your art initially?

Hopefully this is something simple

Yes to all of the questions above. Using 1/8” material and 1/4”, proof grade and not proof grade.

Very frustrated as ive only had the unit for 3 weeks.

Well that’s a bummer.
Until support weighs in, you can get accurate placement using a jig. If you use the forum search there are lots of suggested ways to set one up.

Thank You again. I did bring in our wifi unit from home as well as connected to the high speed wifi of another tenant in the building, both resulted in the same dual message after calibration. (interrupted and Complete). I do have a few jigs set up already, but nothing at this point that allows for the 1inch shift to the right. For now ill just shift everything, and hope it gets fixed in time for me to complete the project i have planned.

How long does it generally take for support to weigh in? I bought the glow forge because I heard the had good customer support.

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Generally you will hear back within a business day.

thank you! Im Just a it of an anxious freak!

Little bit of new information that may or may not have anything to do with this. Ive noticed when I have a board on the tray, the left edge looks blurry. I put a cut board on there so I could see the defined edges and they are very blurry. I tried to set focus on that edge and 3 times now I have received error messages suggesting that I refresh my screen and restart the glow forge. Neither of those made any difference. I t seems I may have a damaged lens on the camera maybe?Screen Shot 2020-09-20 at 5.44.47 PM

The set focus isn’t an exact area. If you look at the machine while setting focus, you can see where the red dot falls. If trying to hit the very edge, it’s likely falling off of the material and not getting a good measurement.

Has it always been off like that, or did it start at a certain time? I’d be curious to see where your head parks after the power on calibration. There have been a few instances where the machine moves the head ok to read the logo on the head (for centering) but then doesn’t move back all the way to the back-left position where it should (an incorrectly installed white ribbon cable can cause this, for example). Since the head isn’t where it’s supposed to be, everything will be off by the corresponding amount.


THANK YOU!!! I just logged on to post an update that I figured it out and fixed it!

You are spot on, at one point when I wiped the laser lens i put the print head back on incorrectly which shortened the length of the white ribbon, thus the print head was not moving all the way left and was centering about 3/4" off of normal! Alignment is perfect now!

Panic attack over!!!

Thank you all who replied and tried to help I really appreciate it!


I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!