Alignment Error Destroying Multiple Prints

Im beyond frustrated. I make sure my lenses are clean. I make sure, before turning on the glow forge, that the lens and track are in their appropriate positions and I still get print errors. Every single time I want to print a sheet it starts off well and slowly comes out of alignment the further right it goes. This is so stupid. Ive lost a lot of profit because of this. Can somebody please explain to me why this is screwing up? Do I need to send my glow forge in for repairs?? Do I need to not get glowforge ever again? Should I just replace it altogether?

If it’s physically losing alignment in the middle of jobs, that sounds like a mechanical problem with the movement… check all the wheels on both the laser arm and carriage plate for cracks or other damage, and check that all 3 belts have proper tension. With the machine off, move the laser arm forward and back, and the print head left to right, and see if it moves smoothly and without snagging in all directions.


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Perhaps a screenshot of a completed print showing the alignment drift would be helpful.


If you haven’t already reached out to support, I’d suggest that as well. It can take a while to get through the process with them, and it sounds like there’s a chance your machine will need a repair or replacement part. In the meantime, folks here can continue to offer advice, but we are just customers like you.


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