Alignment is way off on a brand new glowforge. Please help!

Support might decide that that is slightly too far off and want to replace the machine, or they might want you to run more tests first, depending on what your logs show.

Whatever they should decide, you can engrave perfectly on your piece of wood if you use a jig. (I wouldn’t start off with that as the first project though, I’d start with the three test cases that Glowforge recommends to get familiar with the machine… here.) You can run them on the marked up draftboard so there’s not even any waste.

If you do use a jig, you’ll need to do a couple of things like take into account how thick the wood is, and you’ll need to let people know which design software you are using.
And ask for help with it when the time comes. Jigs are not hard, but if it’s a “one of a kind” item, you might want to run a couple of tests with jigs to get comfortable with what happens before trying it on the real thing. :slightly_smiling_face:

There are a few “Getting Started” tutorials here that you can start reviewing while you wait to hear from Support about that variance.