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I’m new to Glowforge and need help. I’ve put my wood in the upper lefthand corner, however the screenshot and print is off. Do I need to align or recalibrate? And how do I do this?

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Yes, the origin is the front right hand corner, not upper left. Try putting your wood and design on the other side.

(And that wood looks a lot thicker than half an inch…you might not be able to use the tray in the machine with it. The head could hit it and throw the gantry off the tracks.)

There is a diagram by @kittski that outlines working without the tray here:



Thanks for the tip on position of origin, Jules! Is there a manual for these basic operation such as this?
FYI, the wood from the previous pic was 1/2".

1/2" is the absolute max but still might throw you an error. If it does, use @Jules info for operating without the tray and you will be golden.

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Is there a manual for basic operation such as the origin?

Hmmm, I’m not aware of a manual but if you’ve done the recommended projects for new users you should get a good handle on how things work. There are tons of additional info on here as well if you use the search function. If you can’t find what you are looking for just ask and one or more of your fellow Glowforgers will be happy to help.

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There’s no manual for little tricks like this…usually folks just catch on after a bit. Running through all of the "Learn By Doing" Prints is a good first step, and then we have a tutorial on using some of the shortcuts here:

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The manuals are at: - as are the First Prints section, the cleaning advice, the troubleshooting, and a bunch more. You should definitely bookmark that page!

Thanks everyone, for all the excellent advice!

In addition to the online manual linked above, there are a lot of excellent tutorials and support pages, including (for example): Tutorial: How to cut without the Crumb Tray (Honeycomb)

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