Alignment problem with my Glowforge Pro

My Glowforge Pro seems to be misaligned on the gantry. The left side seems to run into something before the tube makes it all the way to the back. When I cut rectangles, I end up with something closer to a slight parallelogram.

Does support have any suggestions for correcting this?

Mine never makes contact with the rear stops… or case, whichever. I don’t think that’s right.


Turn the unit off. With gentle pressure, push the gantry all the way back. Check the belts for any debris (fly offs from masking, etc). Move the camera all the way to back left.

Turn it on, let it calibrate.
Check a test cut on scrap. Remember, positioning could be up to 1/4" unless the object is directly under the camera. Make sure the thickness is accurate.


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Mine did exactly that when the red cable under the gantry got overextended and hung down just far enough to hang on the fins of the heat sink when the gantry homed.

To check it, turn off the machine, gently pull the gantry forward about halfway, lower the front door, get down on your knees with a flashlight and point it underneath the gantry on the left side of the machine. You should see a red cable under the gantry that runs all the way across underneath the tube. Keep your eye on that and slowly move the gantry back to the home position. Watch that cable and make sure it clears the fins on the heat sink. Stop if it snags, and tell support what’s happening. They can give you instructions on how to fix it. (Don’t use the machine until you hear from them, you don’t want to damage that cable.)



Thanks Jules! That’s exactly what is happening with my unit. Here is a picture of the cable. It’s definitely catching on the heatsink as the gantry moves back.

I guess that it’s time for support to send me those instructions.


Hoping that @pip or @Rita can take a look at this and share the advice that was given to @Jules when she experienced the same problem.

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Thank you so much for the details. I’m looking into it now. As soon as I have more information I’ll update this thread.

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Thanks so much for your patience. I have a fix you can try that should stop the tube from getting caught.

  1. Using two hands, gently roll the laser arm to the front of the bed
  2. Look under the right end of the laser arm to locate the wire
  3. Pull the wire gently towards the back of the unit to shift more of it to the other side

Once you’ve finished, the wire should stay in place. If that doesn’t work or if you encounter any issues just follow up, and I’ll let you know what’s next.

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Thanks Vee. The heat sink, where the wire is catching, is on the left side. Should I move the wire on the left side or look for a wire on the right side?

Appreciate the advice @vee and @Jules! I followed your instructions and adjusted the cable on the left side. Calibration worked as expected and a quick test cut resulted in a perfect square.


I think it’s the same wire, Vee is saying to pull some of the slack to the right side.

I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!