Alignment Stepping out pretty far

Around 4pm.

Usually its off around 1/4" but my last two cuts have been over 1".

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Most common cause was the head being bumped after calibration. Have you power cycled the unit?

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I am not sure. Will do now. Do you clean the lens of the laser periodically with water or alcohol?

Making a tri-dimensional chess board?


Yes. The lenses, windows, and more. A couple times a week, depending on the material you are cutting/engraving. I use alchohol wipes of the type used for eyeglasses. There is a lot of information under the Support tab in the GF app.


Hell yes. I am almost done and its coming out great. I will post a pic.




Does that mean more than turning it off & on?

Just off for a couple seconds and back on works. Any time after a successful calibration the head or gantry should not be bumped or moved. It could cause placement errors similar to what you saw. The unit would no longer know the exact position of the laser head. Cycling the power will force a new calibration and everything should work as intended.

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Unless your machine always does that - the right edge makes it looks like there’s something under the top of your acrylic…so after power cycling, make sure it’s truly flat as well! :slight_smile:

Power cycle means reboot. Read this:

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Thanks for the answers, everyone. @JBuro - let us know if your alignment improves after rebooting. Make sure not to bump the printer head while placing your material in the bed.

My machine is working again back to the old 1/4" misalignment. Thanks everyone.

I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!