Alignment way off without opening the lid at all.. this is new

I get more frustrated when we automatically point to S/W updates as the source of all our problems.


Actually ran a few yesterday, and my placement has improved a great deal. Still not perfect, but a lot closer.

It’s just something we need to work around for now, there are going to be changes once in a while when they work in the background. We just need to remember it’s not permanent. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens when you get a reputation for frequently rolling out software updates (some that have been known to change fundamental operating characteristics) without any notice to your rapidly growing user base.

If they would announce maintenance windows during which changes were being rolled out, people would be less apt to blame everything on there being some unknown software change.

(It would also help if those software changes hadn’t gained a reputation for breaking things, too. Oh, and Release Notes. Those would be great. :wink: )


On my phone, I wait a few days after a new software update to see if any major problems arise. I have avoided major headaches just by waiting and seeing. It would be great if, like PRU users, there was a beta group that could pound on it for a week before the rest of us opt in. I understand that the cloud makes this hard. There would have to be two cloud versions.

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Dang. I’d love to know what software y’all are running. Every piece of software (or hardware with accompanying software) I own either A. Continuously pushes updates to address bugs, or B. Doesn’t continuously push updates and bugs just live on.

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I disagree. I think you should expect your software to be bug-free. And I think that’s part of the problem with today’s programming culture… it’s become acceptable to release software with bugs and just fix them later. In Glowforge’s case, that’s absolutely fine. It’s a beta release. It can absolutely have bugs both known and unknown. But if it there’s ever a release version, one should expect it to be bug-free.


I guess as a cyber security guy, I expect that no matter how well things are tested, someone will always find a way to break it.


Of course we all know that neatly all that we will see here is the 1 person who gets the bug.(Not really 1 but you know what I mean.)
Rare is the person who shouts praises for all to hear and quick is the afflicted to rant for all. Squeaky wheel and all that.

This topic has gone off on a tangent, but did anyone ask the obvious “make sure there is nothing stuck under your crumb tray, feet are firmly in the divots, material is perfectly flat, etc”? I have never noticed my alignment changing randomly with software updates, this usually feels like a mechanical issue.

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Same here. Nothing to do with the OP, but I constantly read how S/W changes have screwed with folk’s preview alignment. And regular members are reinforcing it. Don’t say anything because folks are always so defensive. But seems so anecdotal.

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I want regular updates and I want to know when they happen and what’s in them. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. For some obstinate reason, Glowforge doesn’t even want to tell us what version we’re looking at.


Unfortunately that’s almost all we have. We don’t get any intel on why something happened, just get to see that Support (or the problem recipient) says it’s working. Since we don’t know what the update cycle for the cloud software is and we don’t know when things other than major additions are made, we can only report what appears to be happening.

Since I control my local environment, it’s pretty easy for me to know if anything is changing here. I can’t tell what’s happening on the servers in the cloud. So if behavior changes without any environmental or other change here, the likely suspect is between here and back which is either the Internet or the cloud servers (or firmware changes but I expect those are far & few between).

I’ve just come off of one of those situations - Support even confirmed “something” was happening when I had my issue. And then the next time (a week later) I could do anything with the GF, the behavior changed with the exact same file, same material still in the bed, etc.

It’s not likely stuff in the tray divots because a) never moved the tray so no vector for divot contamination injection and b) no impact to subsequent projects using PG and custom measurements so that means it’s reading the height right which wouldn’t happen with stuff under the divots. And since the file was the one I left in the GFUI and the material was the same too, it suggests cloud software. But that’s non-authoritative because I only have data on one side of things.

It’s like seeing the lawn is all grass before going to bed and waking up and seeing it covered in snow - we can only assume that it snowed in the night, but that’s pretty good anecdotal evidence it did :slight_smile:


I’m sorry that happened, @rubbersoul79. Could you please let me know if you’re still experiencing this issue?

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email