I did search but couldn’t see a topic regarding this.

Screen shows room above and below - a fair margin…
but when cutting - it actually cuts off the bottom of the board.

Any advice?
I’ve run calibration of the back of draft board (twice) and it shows there is no correction needed.!

You need to move the material forward on the Glowforge bed. There should not be room in front of your material for honeycomb pins if you are printing to the bottom. If you use the set focus tool and the camera calibration is accurate, you should be able to visually align to within 1/8".

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It appears to me that your design is offset because the bed image was not corrected for the material thickness.

A “safe” way to ensure your layout is accurate (at least, as much as possible) is to use “set focus” on the material first. The bed image will adjust to compensate for the thickness, and you can then position your design.

Thanks - I should have mentioned that in the first instance - that I have used both methods of using callipers and using the set focus option.

I’ll try moving things further down the bed.

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve run into trouble, but I appreciate you providing all of troubleshooting steps you have already performed. As @dklgood and @eflyguy mentioned, ensuring that your Crumb tray is positioned properly, and the material is correctly adjusted on the Crumb tray while utilizing Set Focus may improve the results you are receiving.

Let us know how it goes after making these adjustments! We’ll review the logs of a recent print, and provide the next best steps if you are still hitting the same snag.

I had a question about the set focus. So you should do the set focus on the material first then add the image last and not do the set focus on the image itself? Thanks in advance!

You place your material, then use Set Focus, and then you move the art on your material - the thing is, Set Focus makes sure the focus is perfect on that spot - so for a full bed you’re going to want to do Set Focus at that bottom edge, place your image so it doesn’t go off the bottom edge, then use Set Focus again on that left edge and move it in (but not down) based on that, etc. Eventually you’ll get a better feel for your machine and you won’t have to do as many - but better safe than sorry.
Set Focus doesn’t actually change where the laser will cut - it changes how the fish eye camera lens is focused so that you can put your art in the right place.
So you know - this is what the fish eye lens looks like without any sort of manipulation - imagine trying to place your art based on that!!

Thanks so much for explaining this. I have had so many problems when engraving that my font is all jagged and not lined up in areas. I just couldn’t figure out why. I will try this and hopes that I can get the alignment right.

That sounds like either an issue with your art - or a mechanical issue with your belts - that has nothing to do with Set Focus or alignment.

hmm im not sure. One minute the artwork engraves perfectly then the next it doesn’t. I have had the glowforge for about 6 months. Is that about time for new belts?

No, you don’t need new belts

You’re going to want to post your art, and photographs of the “perfectly” and the “doesn’t” and the time you did the engraving. We might be able to help from the art and photos - and if not, a staff member can help with the logs.

Honestly, I’d start a new P&S thread since they only deal with one problem per post and this has nothing to do with your original problem.

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I don’t know if it’s been addressed, but there were some issues with rotating objects a while back that messed with lines. Did you rotate anything even a bit?

I was just going to mention this. Rotating raster images in the GFUI makes the engrave go bad - not sure if that was ever fixed but that may be the issue.

I’m so sorry to hear that you are also running into trouble. Just so we can ensure we have all of the right information, we advise creating a separate Problems and Support thread so that we can keep all of the right information in one thread. If you would prefer, you can also reach out to us directly at We’re here to help!

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email