All you need is... (Rainbow tiles)

We could all use a little of this. :blush:

Ceramic tile spraypianted rainbow colors, then top coat of solid white or metallic silver. Then zapped!



Beautiful effects! :grinning:


So, if I’ve got it right, you’re engraving, and removing just the top layer of paint(white or silver) and leaving the multicoloured underneath coats.
Do you need to do any cleaning up - wiping away any ‘burn’ residue - or is that how it is ?
Acrylic paint ?
Wow again.
John :upside_down_face:


Thanks John. Exactly, just burned away the top layer and I used acrylic spray paint. (Ironlak paint to be exact.) There was a little “shadowing” on the silver one where the residue settled, but most of it wiped away. I didn’t really try and remove it all as it was a cool effect.


I still find it amazing that this cool machine can just do that.
I wonder who will be the first to succeed in producing a full color print, using magenta, cyan, and yellow, and black, by engraving ?



OMG now I wanna try!


Sorry if I’ve tripped you up and into a rabbit hole !

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Funny you should say that. Just finished painting this :grinning:


3 layered bas relief ?
Is the right hand picture the same, but finished and the image of one of them flipped ?

3D engraved thick acrylic creatively spray painted n the back. Yep, the left is the top engraved side and the right is the reverse underside with the paint showing through.

No, I didn’t think of acrylic !
Nice effect, but I suspect it’s even more so in reality.
John :upside_down_face:

Afterthought - I must try an :upside_down_face: when I get home !

2nd afterthought - would you consider mounting it like an inlay, with the surface of the acrylic flush with the wood surface ?

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Ohh, that’d be very cool! I make them the hang in windows etc. as the light hitting it makes a nice effect. Inlaying them would look very nice though.

Try it and post your results. The deep engrave works best and remember that the very first paint to touch the back is what you’ll see through the front. A light touch is best and spraying at a sharp angle from the side for the first coat works well. Then straight down when you want to fill the deep crevices.

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I will, but that will have to be sometime in September :anguished:

Aww, man, that sucks. Hang in there, totally worth it! :slight_smile:

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Gosh, here’s our @kittski, pushing back the frontiers of what is possible in the laser, again. Not one, but two innovative techniques! You really have an inventive mind.


Dag! (Yes… I’m bringing back “dag!” Tell your friends!)

That is really remarkable! What a great effect! I’m surprised you were able to get such consistent results considering you’d have to put the same thickness of coating on each time. Impressive!

That is just amazing. The precision you’ve gotten etching between the layers of color blow my mind.


Love the tiles and the rabbit! Kudos! Beautiful!

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Awesome effect! :grinning:

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So … what setting did you use to just take off the top layer of white paint? :sunglasses::glowforge: