Alphonse Mucha Engraving

Alphonse Mucha is one of my FAVORITE artists. Found some of his work translated to black line on the web and thought it PERFECT for engraving. I’ll take this piece and go to work with some acrylic paints and resin pour at the end. Should come out brilliant!


Can’t wait to see it filled! (It’s already gorgeous just engraved!) :grinning:

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Magnificent! Amazing linework.

Mucha is my favorite artist too. You have excellent taste😊

@evansd2 did some engravings of his work, too, that you might like.

I dont know how you guys have the patience for engraving though :slight_smile:


Exceptionally beautiful!

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Oooh…love Mucha. You’re engraving is wonderful. Like Jules said…I like it pretty well just the way it is, but I’ll look forward to seeing the finished color version.

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Nice work!

What a great engrave, can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store! Now why do I feel like a drop of absinthe?:wink:

This looks great! I bought a book of his work not long after ordering my 'Forge, thinking I’d do the translation to linework myself. I understand if you’d rather not, but if you felt like sharing your online source I’d certainly appreciate it!