Altering a design from the catalog

I want to make a design that I found in the catalog (3-Tier Sunglass Display Stand – Glowforge Shop). However, I own the aura so I need to use thin acrylic; therefore, I need to adjust the “holes” in part 1 to fit 1/16" acrylic versus 1/4". Is that possible?


Absolutely, but it takes some work.

(I haven’t looked at the particular design, so that instructions are generic, but should work)

With the design selected right click and ungroup it.
Make a copy of the section with the holes.
Using the commands in the lower left section resize the holes (if they’re in a line you can unclick the link icon and make them narrower without changing their length.)
Line them back up with the original holes and group the parts you want.
Delete the parts you don’t want.

Depending on how complicated it is: number of holes, orientation, etc. It might be far easier to create a hole that’s the right size, and upload that to the design, and then copy it & move it around as needed.

Or as an alternative, cut a 2nd piece of the thin acrylic that you can slide into the hole in the design to fill the gap created by the original design.

Let us know how it goes!


Thanks so much. It will be this weekend before I can give it a try and I’ll let you know

J. Davis


That is brilliant for a lime of holes but not so much for a line of teeth. where things stick out too much. You cannot move a line but you can accurately add another. A rectangle the size of where you want to cut away will cut that part away.


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