Alternative to Clipping/Masking since Glowforge can't process?

Clipping to path error

I want to be able to just print these photos in a circle shape without having to print the whole square image and then cut the circle out around it. The software won’t accept masked or clipped images, is there a way I can achieve this?

You didn’t attach anything showing what you’re trying to do. A screenshot of your project on the bed of the GF might help, too…as well as what your settings panel looks like down the left side.

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In Inkscape, I eliminate clip paths in clipped images using the “Edit > Make a Bitmap Copy” operation. This copy will look visually identical to the one you made using a clip path, but won’t contain a clip path or the portions of the image you clipped away, so it will engrave the way you want on your Glowforge. After making the copy, you can delete the clipped version from behind the new copy.

Before doing this, I suggest opening Inkscape’s preferences panel and increasing the DPI for bitmap copies so you don’t lose any quality. Do that by going to “Edit > Preferences”, then click “Imported images” in the left-hand list of preference categories, then changing “Resolution for Create Bitmap Copy” to 450.


If you are using CorelDraw you can perform a similar function as well.

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