Always calibrating, Print head not moving

Tonight turned on :glowforge: print head started seeking… then stuck. Turned off and cleaned the lenses. Main head lens had dropped, so I re-seated it. This happened twice.

Powered off, moved gantry back gently along with head, powered back. It started its seek routine but is now stuck again at calibrating…

Network here is fine but not seeing alot of traffic/activity. Prime video is streaming smoothly when I run it. Forge net page shows no issues.

This has been over 20 minutes.

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What does it mean that the head lens dropped? It fell out?

I could use the tool to push it snug about 1/4 inch, way strange. But about 10 minutes after this post the forge took life and finally calibrated.

I suspect it responded to my " I bought you into this world, I’ll take you out" sermon


Did you put the lens in correctly? The bowl shaped part goes up into the head, not the flat part. (It’s easy to get it in there backwards and it can damage the head or not cut correctly if you leave it in there upside down.)

I never took it out completely the first time, just noticed when it went to a quick wipe that there was play. Then I took it out completely to clean. It’s in right but had dropped a little the second time.

Well right now its working, but something to watch for I guess like the gasket issue someone else had here.

Thanks for looking out!

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The lens is on a motor and moves up and down on it’s own. When you push it in you are forcing the motor. The magnet will suck it into the correct position Do not push it in. Shouldn’t hurt it but it always lowers on it’s own.


Oh that’s good to know…I actually shoved mine up in there the last time I cleaned too - then took it out again to make sure I hadn’t damaged anything. :smile:

Thanks for letting us know about this. I’m glad your Glowforge was able to calibrate successfully, and I’m looking into this just in case. I’ll update the topic when I have more information.

Like @rpegg mentioned, the lens moves up and down to focus on your material so you can get beautiful prints. As long as the lens is inserted properly with the correct orientation (the open side goes away from the blue plastic tool, so it looks like a bowl on top of the tool), it doesn’t matter how far you push the lens into the printer head.

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My Glowforge Pro is also “Calibrating” has been since about noon yesterday. Monitoring it’s WIFI connection, it has sent over 16 Mbytes and received about 1Mbyte other than that no sign of activity.
The app shows when I open the Lid, and says it is “scanning” when I refresh the image, but the image is not updated. 15 hours latter it is still sending and receiving data on the WIFI.

Is this some kind of Update? or is i just confused?

@astrahan, you will want to open your own topic here in the Problems and Support area. The support team does not always go back and read the comments in old threads, but they do see new topics when they are created. :slightly_smiling_face:

@bkressley Thank you for your patience.

Would you mind taking a photo of the Glowforge logo on the top of the printer head? Then, please post the photo here or email it to me directly at

Thanks in advance.

My Glowforge Pro is also “Calibrating” has been since about noon yesterday.

@astrahan We try to keep to one topic per post in the Problems and Support section. Can you create a new post with this question?

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