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A tongue in cheek reference to perpetuating a long-standing family joke. A (approx.) $10 LED base that does the usual RGB cycle, but also can stay on one color. The advantage of this base over the other cheapo ones is that this can run either by AC or batteries, plus the lights are better. Also, the cheapo bases only cycle through RGB.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending June 24th, 2017

Fun project and looks fantastic!


Out of love but I love it :thumbsup: :heart:


Look great!
Where did you get the base?


Great job! (That family reunion is going to be a hoot!) :sunglasses:

I need to pick up a few of those pre-lighted bases…
(Hopper @dan ? I’ll bet GF could sell/resell a bunch of them pretty easily in the storefront. Don’t know who to flag directly.)


I think that’s an excellent idea…besides proofgrade, be able to buy accessories/supplies etc. Plus some items this way could be sourced to make sure they fit well with PG (e.g. slot width matched to PG thickness for a lighted base).


Agreed. At some point I’m going to dig up @smcgathyfay 's post where she linked to some suppliers, but I’d love to be able to buy that from GF.


Excellent point.


What a fantastic sign! Your family will love it. I would also like to know where you got the base–I’m not too happy with the cheapo ones I bought.


Great sign! I found a decent base on amazon for $13, which sounds pretty similar to the one Xabbess describes:


Thank you for this link and suggestion. I just “clicked” one up.


Great hopper idea to sell the bases! (cc @tony)


The least expensive (cheapo) ones are the battery operated ones from here; Just do a search for LED menu. This one comes with two thin acrylic panels (Jules surmised that they might be polycarbonate)…I tried one in the GF and it looks horrible.

The other one came from Amazon. You have to supply the acrylic panel (this is the one I used for the photos in this post). It can run on batteries or has an AC adapter.


See my other post…and the one from Yves. This one is twice the money…but is more than twice as good.


Yeah…this is pretty much the same, but for the extra $3, you get a remote…and more light features.


Some of the overseas ones come down to about $5 but you need to buy bulk. But in this forum Im sure enough people would be interested to chip in or buy out once they came in…


Off topic here…but GEES, good to ‘see’ you again! Everyone has been missing you on the forum and will be very relieved that all is well. :relaxed:


Pigheaded is back!!!


Hey man!!
We were starting to freak over your absence. Hope everything is ok.


My OCD porcine brain couldn’t help but notice that you might want the possessive apostrophe in ‘moms’. Whether it belongs before or after the ‘s’ is up to your family’s long standing joke. And in our house it was called “mom’s slophouse” so that people wouldn’t think she was a lush.