"Always Right" Honeycomb Pins for Assuring a Right Angle

Really great!! Thank you for sharing. I will be making a pair of these when I get back home.


Oh that’s good color work. Nice.

A-thank you, fellow human and/or sentient fungus.

I really like your dice tray. The finger joints are very clean-looking. I saw that you said you intentionally cut them too long and then sanded them down. I think that was a great choice, especially with the purpleheart. I’m not generally huge on natural wood colors (it’s an earth tone thing with me), but PH is one of the rare exceptions.


Check out redheart too. It can skew cool and get away from earth tones. Bonus: redheart and yellow heart both fluoresce under a black light. It’s cool stuff.


Oooh…you just hit my Interest Button. I’ve been doing a lot of research into fluorescence and its applications in first response equipment. How powerfully do red and yellow heart fluoresce? Are they resilient enough woods that they could be used in tool handles? Would the cost be prohibitive?

Feel free to tell me to buzz off and google all of this…I certainly could, but conversation is enjoyable.

Edit: doing a bit of research, I’ve found that black locust may be my best bet for this application. It fluoresces brightly and is strong enough to be an axe handle.

I’m definitely curious to play around with red and yellow heart for craft/GF applications though.


Aren’t you in luck! Turns out I posted about these things.


Which gets you:

I posted about yellowheart but never did post a picture, whomp.

Update! I just took and added pics. Yellowheart fluoresces almost white color, it’s crazy.


Thanks for this one as well!


I tried the updated file and I don’t know why but the pins don’t line up with the holes in the tray. I right clicked saved the svg and opened it in the glowforge app and cut it but the scale is off for me.

I redownloaded and and opened it in inkscape and the scale is correct but when I cut it its bigger than what inkscape shows it to be.
So I finally got it to work by scaling it in the glowforge interface. I don’t know why it comes in to the glowforge interface bigger but if you scale the width to what inkscape says it is then it comes out the right size.

“I like to play chicken with the edge of material on cuts so as to save as much as possible”

Omg - that is such a good phrase to describe it! And that is SO me. :joy:

Thank you for providing these tools (& the write ups too)!


Thanks for this further version. I’ll try that too.


Amazingly ingenious! Thanks so much for sharing this!

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That is so peculiar. I’m not familiar with Inkscape, and I’m not sure why the file would resize on upload to the Glowforge UI. I was going to offer to give you the dimensions that show in the GFUI (heh…gafooey) when I upload it, but it sounds like you got it sorted?

Does anyone have any clues as to what might have caused @syncro53’s troubles? If it’s something I can fix on my SVG, I’d be happy to do so.

That blue stealing in the yellowheart is wicked cool. I assume staining would dull the effect, but what about clear coating?



For clear coat it’d all come down to transmission of UV frequencies. If the coat doesn’t block it, I don’t think it’d affect the fluorescence at all. UV comes in, visible spectra comes out. We know clearcoat lets visible spectra pass through (hence appearing clear), so as long as it lets UV get to the wood I bet it’d glow just fine.

With stains, they filter visible light spectra, so I’d expect the glow to be reduced to some degree… though I dunno, the easiest way to tell would be to try it :slight_smile:
That being said… yellowheart is so ridiculously gorgeous when you sand it to a high polish, it gleams like metal with chatoyancy and character. Check it:

I wouldn’t put stain on it, it’s amazing.

In inkscape the width shows as 1.36 inches but when it is in the glowforge UI I believe it was showing 1.7 something. If I scale the width to 1.36 it prints fine.

Hmmm. In my GFUI, “Always” is 1.79 inches wide and “Right” is 1.71 inches. When the two are selected together, the total width of the pair as arranged in the file is 1.96 inches wide. Like I said, I’ve never used Inkscape, so I’m unsure why it’s giving smaller dimensions when opened there, but I know these fit my GF when cut as-is. It sounds like you’ve found dimensions that work for you, which is awesome, but it’s also got me curious. What model of GF do you have? It doesn’t seem to me that the honeycombs would differ that much, but I’m really new to all of this.

That IS gorgeous. Definitely wouldn’t stain it.

I have the pro but when printed at 1.7 they don’t fit my crumb tray in any direction. That’s ok I was able to get it to work.

Love these - thanks for sharing!

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