Yellowheart fluoresces

That is all. Might post a pic at some point, but I was so astonished that I forgot to take one.

Ok I finally got pics. (2.5 years later haha)


So do scorpions. (I learned that from @timjedwards.)


Engraved yellowheart scorpion project in 3…2…1…



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Have you tried all the other species you have? I would be cool to know. Also if it is all yellowheart or just some.

I’m guessing just some, for some reason. I just checked mine and nada.

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I’m wondering how @evansd2 happened to discover this in the first place…

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I was walking around my house with my UV flashlight, looking for fun things to fluoresce. You know, as one does.

Going to go get it now and will report back on other species.


OK so yellowheart definitely.

Padauk is more purple than expected. I wouldn’t say it outright fluoresced, but it definitely reacted more strongly than the other species.

Other than that, it’s all pretty non-fluorescent.

Then I went to my “odd materials” section.

Leather: no.

Acrylic: yes and no, depended entirely on the sample. Gold mirror fluoresced strongly orange.

Bone: yeah something’s up there. It has this weird ghostly grey/purple look to it.

All manner of papers: yeah, a good bit of cardstock glowed quite brightly. Again depends a lot on the piece.

What else do people have?

What’s that, no UV flashlight? Try this badboy:

What’s that? No 18650 charger? OK here’s one with AAAs…


I found a 51 LED blacklight on Wish for $9.50 including shipping paid from paypal stash that adds about that a week selling 3D virtual stuff in Kitely.

There is also …
a few colors white and clear Add UV and it would glow for a while or that is what I am understanding.

Wonder if it persists at all? :thinking: In a dark room, wait 5 min or so to let your eyes adjust. Then with a towel or something over it so you can’t see any of it, charge the wood up good and then quickly turn off the light and remove the towel to see if you can detect anything. :no_mouth:

I fell into that trap when I got a ‘Kill A Watt’. I had to plug everything into it… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


For the same reason your socks do. They add the same “optical brighteners” to paper that detergent companies use to make your whites look whiter after you wash them.


Certain bodily fluids also fluoresce…lol. I handed my son a handheld blacklight and told him to clean the bathroom…best cleaning and he had fun…lmao


Yeah cat owners prepare to be horrified.


Have one for that reason. :smile:


I was thinking maybe cats just like to go on yellowheart… :cat::scream_cat:


yeaah… i mean sure, cats.

but don’t ever take a black light to a hotel. you’ll end up sleeping on a sidewalk.


Hmm I wonder if anyone sells fluorescing wood dyes?

Something to consider.

I know there are glow in the dark spray paints that are largely clear… and that would fluoresce strongly of course.


It could be a good way to sign a careful reproduction of a famous piece. They sell just such security inks to identify your stuff if it is stolen.

I could think of many interesting artistic ways it could be used though few folk would know.