Am I missing a lens?

Finally got around to cleaning my Glowforge Pro. I was following along with the " Cleaning your Glowforge | How To With Nick" on YouTube and I noticed I might be missing a lens…I looked around for it in the Glowforge to see if it somehow fell out and no dice. Should I be worried? Is there supposed to be a lens there? Please help!


That’s a pretty important one actually, since the exhaust is being pulled in that direction.

I don’t recall the exact configuration but there should be two mirrors to redirect the beam over to the head mirror. Both of those are unserviceable. I’m not sure of the chances of contamination for mirror #1 but the second mirror (that should be in that silver box right behind the hole which is where the window is supposed to screw into) definitely has a higher chance of being contaminated by debris.


Here is how it supposed to be


If you find it, it just screws into place. Not actually a lens, just a flat window of laser transparent material. Your laser will work without it but don’t because of the chance of smoke getting to the internal mirrors. They can not be cleaned.


Thank you for reaching out to us about this. What our other community members have shared is correct. There should be a window threaded into that area.

I’d like to take care of getting you a replacement window. To coordinate next steps for that, I’m going to close this forum thread and I’ll reach out to you via email very soon.