Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) Holder

The new 3rd Generation Amazon Echo Dot is much bigger (and heavier!) than the original Echo Dot that it replaces. I like my digital voice assistants mounted on the wall—or in this example on the ceiling in the corner of our kitchen…

I updated my Yet Another Amazon Echo Dot Holder design to fit the 3rd Generation device. I cut my prototype from 3 mm PG medium clear acrylic. It needs plenty of acrylic cement to hold the three arms securely. Make sure that you wait for the glue to dry thoroughly and insert the Echo Dot gently.

This time, per a suggestion from @jamesdhatch, I used a contour gauge, a ruler and my camera to get the profile of the Echo Dot into Inkscape. Worked great.

Below is the SVG file for my prototype design. :sunglasses:



Thank you for sharing your process and your file.
It looks great.
I don’t have one of those; but I really appreciate the generous share.
Next time I want to hang an oddly contoured item, I’ll remember your process.


Pretty cool solution!


Nice work!

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Glad it worked out well, thanks for the file.


Really cool! I just love practical projects. I also love pretty and whimsical projects. Wait, I think I like all the projects…But, for the record, I really like this one. :slight_smile:


…aaaaand, added to cart.


Thank you for this is just what I needed. I modified the holder prongs slightly so it is a little easier to put in the dot. I took away a little of the hook on the end. looks great. Thanks again

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