Yet Another Amazon Echo Dot Holder

We have number Amazon Echo devices here, including 4 Echo Dots. I’ve wanted to mount them on walls—out of the way—and on the ceiling in our kitchen where an Windows 95 PC was long ago (i.e., the power supply and open-frame motherboard).

Here’s my version above the workbench in the garage…

…including the SVG file…


An under 2 minute cut using PG medium draftboard with a nice tight press-fit. I’ve incorporated a “keyhole” for a single-screw, easy-up mount. The Echo charging cord can enter from any direction.

Works for me! Maybe it will for you too? :sunglasses:


Good idea.
Does not clutter up a usable flat spot now.


Thank you for the file


My favorite projects are always the ones that fix a need or organize something. Nice job! Also, very kind of you to share your file!


@pauline.lally @ptodd: You are most welcome. I finished a wall/ceiling holder for my Google Home Minis yesterday too. More of a challenge with the curved sides. I’ll post that today as well. :sunglasses:


Love it!! Looks similar to my Google Home Mini


@JeremyNielsen: I like the ring that you incorporated into your design. I’ll show you mine later today. It basically is my Yet Another Amazon Echo Dot holder with three curved* ribs to hold the device in place. :sunglasses:

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I made a version of the SVG file specifically for PG medium clear acrylic—because PG medium acrylic is about 0.7 mm thinner than PG medium draftboard. The PG draftboard version on the left was my first attempt at a holder—now much improved (see SVG file above).

The acrylic version is still not as tight a fit as I’d like between the base and the arms. Acrylic glue required. Feel free to make it better… :sunglasses:

I now have our kitchen Amazon Echo Dot mounted on the ceiling—out of the way—where our open-frame Windows PC motherboard lived a couple of decades ago.

Here’s the updated PG medium acrylic version of the SVG file…


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interesting… but my home will never contain an always on, always listening device… ever…

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Better ditch your cell phone—and a suprising number of smart TVs! :sunglasses:

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Been in tech all my adult life…
Cell phone has “ok google” disabled. Voice to text only works when I hold a button…
TV’s in my house are not connected to the internet. They are connencted to devices that may be - but none of those have voice control that could be ‘always on’.

If you think that YOU can actually disable your cell phone’s camera and microphone then I have a bridge to sell you! :wink:

But on a more serious side, @Bigjohn, I share your concerns. I have both Google’s AIY Voice and AIY Vision Kits—and have experimented with embedded device voice recognition in a number of forms. This is tech is not going away and IMNSHO will become ubiquitous—like it or not. IMHO the best way to protect yourself is to understand it.

But there is hope. As Moore’s Law continues to turn we will no longer need “The Cloud” and “Deep Learning” distributed computing to run voice recognition and vision processing using AI. Hopefully we then can keep what we say and do privately more under our control—the NSA and hackers notwithstanding.

For example, take a look at what Snips is doing…

I plan to jump on this next—although the Raspberry Pi is not my favorite platform for a number of good reasons. :sunglasses:

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The Google Home Mini holder version I promised can be found here…

Isn’t that usually referred to as a “Spouse” ? :wink::sunglasses:


Makes the rule twice as good.


@Bigjohn: Maybe this is the answer? :sunglasses:

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Well that’s cool.