Amazon Glass Coaster

Guys. I bought amazon glass coasters and I want to engrave them but it’s my first non PG material and I’m a wee bit timid.

Talk me into leaping?

These are what I got. I was going to try it at full speed and 35 power? I have no idea what I’m doing lol.

You can do it. Just read through a few of the posts in here for tips on how to keep it from cracking.

Here’s one, you can also do a search for “glass settings” using the little magnifying glass at the top of the screen to see more.


Take the leap! But read the other forum posts on the subject first. :slight_smile:

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Easy. I bought some from amazon and used the settings I saw from the glowforge YouTube livestream. It turned out great!

500 speed
100 power

Thickness was at 0.015 in video but actual thickness of glass is 0.1 4 or so but I used 0.015


I also used a mirror image of the design and put it on the underside of the glass