Amber Light Wont Go Away

so the amber light has become an issue for me the last week and reading the forums about this my temp is fine, my printer head is connected and not loose, machine is cleaned weekly and I’ve contacted support and awaiting a response. The frustrating part about this for a machine to cost 5k (i have the pro) already having issues in the 4 months Ive had it, no complaints about the machine it works great when its working but now i cant fulfill orders for my business.

Any other resolution that I may have missed??

Sounds like you’ve checked what you should and Support will need to look at your logs. Only things I’d say you should confirm are that both the intake and and output fans are operational. The output fan is pretty obvious but, in case you don’t know, intake fan is underneath on the right.

Also, because you’ve opened this 2nd case about it, you’ve slowed the process on that since they go through some de-dup process for cases before assigning them. In the future you’ll either want to open your case here or by e-mail, but not both.

Will do next time. I’ve checked the fans and they are working under the machine and the exhaust is working as well both cleaned no debris what’s the next step?

Right now I have brick. Replacement?

I also have a large paperweight… my laser stopped firing.

Unless you have already sent an email or opened a thread of your own P&S will not be able to respond. They will also need photographs or other data beyond “stopped Firing”

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The sensor that checks that the fan is working talks through the ribbon attached through the head, and if it does not hear that the fan behind the head is spinning it pauses the cut from proceeding and makes the light orange. There are some other issues that can cause it like temps above tolerance but that is a common thing,

As you might think the connector that the ribbon plugs into is critical and can almost work but still not so it takes careful checking. Assuming that the head fan is clean and moves easily we have discovered that a magnetic field will also stop the fan and made a mess of my own machine before I used only shielded magnets if ny magnets at all,

Checked that as well all fans are clear including the one the laser head. I have no clue what else to do at this point but to ask for a replacement I use this laser for my business now I’m stuck not being able to fulfill orders

Might not be that severe of an issue. Like I said, they can just take a look at your logs and see what’s happening and perhaps just get you back up and running again without having to replace a thing.

For the time being, I’d suggest you find another owner nearby to fulfill your orders. You may make little-to-no money on the jobs, but at least you’ll keep your customers happy and your business won’t suffer. You’d likely find somebody that’d just run the jobs for free. Heck, I’d do it for you for free if you want and just ship it to you. In addition, going forward I’d suggest a 2nd unit. Either a 2nd Glowforge, or one that’s better designed for industrial use. I mean, you can get away with a hobby laser for a lot of things, for sure. But if your business depends on it, you might want to invest in something more robust when you can.

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I appreciate it brother but I’ll be fine. Just wonder if it is software related at this point because everything appears to be fine. I’ll just wait to hear back from GF Support

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It’s being addressed. I’m just commenting that I am also out of commission right now.

It’s being addressed for everyone ?? Or for your singular issue you are having apart from mine and others

I am specifically referring to the comment directed at my reply to you that my machine is also down and it’s not firing. I don’t know what the issue is with your machine…or mine, for that matter. A comment was directed at me that I wasn’t going to get help by making vague references to “laser not firing” within your post. I’m in touch with Support. I was trying to say that I feel your pain. I personally was not looking for support to help me through your post. I hope your machine gets fixed .

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I’m so sorry you ran into trouble! I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

If you run into any other trouble or have any other questions, feel free to start a new thread or contact us at