Amber/orange light

Glowforge stopped mid print and i got the orange light. Cleaned everything and now it stays on focus with the amber light i cleaned the lense, the fan on the exhaust, the fand on the hrad, any advice on whatelse i should do

The light turns yellow for two reasons: the machine is too hot or too cold (and there should be a message about this in the app), or the white ribbon cable has become disconnected from the print head. Unplug it, check for any debris or bent pins, and plug it back in until it clicks, then restart your machine and see if that’s fixed it. It can fall out mid-print if it’s been working its way loose over time.

The pin is broken. I was told that they would send me an invoice for another one but nobody has responded to my emails in over a week. I am so discouraged right now. There is no number to call and I can’t get a response from anyone. The amount of money I have lost on just weddings and Mardi Gras orders in the last two weeks have been astounding. All because I couldn’t order a 400 dollar part. I am so angry.

The phone number for the US and UK are listed on the Contact Us page under Support.

That said, they likely won’t invoice you until there is actually a part available for sending to you. They don’t have a warehouse of these things sitting around.

Thank you for that information. If they had stated that in the email I would not have been so frustrated. If I knew that the invoice was waiting for the part to be made it would have put me more at ease. I have sent 4 emails about it and not one person emailed back and said that they invoice when the part is ready.

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Update: I called the number but they just asked that I leave a message with the email address ( the one nobody responds to anyway) but at least your comment gives me a glimmer of hope that someone sees it but they are waiting to respond.

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