American Flag/Military logo plaque

Hello fellow forgers!
I figured I would come here to ask my question as you all would know best! One of my husband’s Lieutenants reached out to me to ask if it’s possible to do something like this:

I honestly wasn’t sure if this is possible or if another type of machine is required. I wanted to check with the hive mind before I even attempted to delve into the images. While I’ve had my Glowforge for years I’m definitely still a novice. I only used my passthrough for the first time last week! (Don’t judge, I was terrified!)… and now I’m rambling so I will stop there! Thank you in advance!



That was almost certainly produced using a laser, on a sheet of solid wood.


Cool design!

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At first I thought it was etched metal plaque, but on closer inspetion you can actually see some of the wood veneer, so I agree with @eflyguy that it was laser engraved on wood probably with some some aging treatment.


Awesome. Thanks you!

That design looks like it was done with a CNC router. What I would do is laser engrave the flag seperate then laser engrave, cut out the logo and glue it on there to give it some depth. Here’s one that I did for a friend of mine.


I am not sure that is the case. To me, it looks like it was accomplished with a laser, but with thick hardwood, not plywood. You can still see the grain in the darkened areas. And hardwood does not get as dark as MDF or other plywood (in my experience).

If you can create the file and find the right wood, I definitely think the :glowforge: is capable of creating that.

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Yeah, I was looking at doing it on a piece of pine. Going to start on the file now! thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: :crossed_fingers:

Pine is pretty hard on the Glowforge.


Make your design 2 colours - in this example the stars, stripes, rank, logos, and words would be white, and everything else black. I think you’ll find pine to be far lighter than you’re looking for - though you can always stain it any colour you want.

Once you have an idea for your design, grab some simple MDF or plywood and run any complicated sections at full size (just the section) and the whole thing at a very small size - so you can see how the design will look (making sure you haven’t done anything the wrong colour, or way too skinny, etc). Then run it on a nice piece of wood to get your final :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the info! I’m honestly not sure it’s doable for me after I received the specifics. There’s wording that runs right through one of the engraved stripes, and I’m definitely a novice when it comes to the computer work. I’m still going to try though. Any recommendations on the type of wood?

Think of the art as either black or white - it doesn’t actually matter what it is - so the word that runs through the engraved stripe will be white - and where it runs through an unengraved portion it’ll be black.


I’d go with something in a medium tone like oak, redwood, or cherry.


Thank you so much! You’ve been super helpful and I really appreciate it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just wanted to thank you again for the help! this is the finished farewell gift!


You did a beautiful job. They’ll love it.

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