An apple for the Teacher


Continuing the discussion from Bowls, Trays and a Cute Hedgehog Sticker:

I have always liked the scroll saw bowls, and @Jules’ apple bowl got me designing. It’s not really much different.
I started iterating in cardboard

Once I got something I liked, I made it in proofgrade acrylic, proofgrade maple ply, and unmasked Baltic birch.

I tried a stripe, as well.

I hate wasting material, and the smallest cutout looks so good I thought a coordinating key tag was in order.

Do they look better in solid or stripe?
Which material is prettier for this application?

I have 4 minions starting school, plus a couple family members that teach. I will make more.

Another question… are they better with fewer layers?


I’m no help. I think they are all awesome!

Well done all around.


Yep! It’s adorable! :smile::+1:


I like the quote! The mix is neat. these are great.


These are great. What about baltic birch sides and red bottom?


these are great.

i quite like them smaller; i like scroll saw bowls but find them a bit much when they get really large. i think the red center cutouts would like v nice if you filled the text in with a white or similarly light, contrasty color.


Like this?


Ooooooooh. Purdy.

But that’s only an opinion. They’re all really great


Oh those are quite lovely…I like the striped ones but all are nice.:+1::apple:


Wow! The stripe is brilliant!


My favorite one is the stripes with the red on the outermost layer. They really look Awesome. :apple:


Super nice!!!
After seeing what @jules and others have done with these bowls, I started considering a design myself. I’m sensing Christmas presents for my Sister here…

My opinion on striped vs solid… I’m a fan of mixed materials, in general. But, for some reason, I don’t like it here. But I think stripes of the same material I’d like in this case! So dark and light wood combo, or different colored acrylics…


I prefer the solid. I think it still has a striped look because of the char (obviously, not in the acrylic), but it is more subtle. I’m not sure which material is pretties…I like them both!

What did you use to glue them together?

Edit: I do like the ones with fewer layers…they can be used more for just a tray, rather than a bowl. Good idea!


Oh…xmas ideas…tree shaped or star…fill with small round ornaments…:smile::christmas_tree::santa:


Yep! :grin:


The thought had crossed my mind. I like the way you think.