Bowls, Trays and a Cute Hedgehog Sticker



I place the credit/blame for these squarely at @Clone 's doorstep. He got me playing with making “scroll bowls” late last week, to see how to create them in Illustrator.

He didn’t want to use Illustrator, but I kept playing anyway. And while I was messing with them, I messed a little further and tried to figure out how to make non-round, non-wavy ring bowls, which the scroll bowls rely on for their structure.

So these don’t look like much, but they were actually kind of tricky to execute.

Threw some engraving on there for variety, rotated and swiveled, and let the smoke wash over the un-masked wood for some really cool shading effects…those were what sold me on these things and they were a totally unexpected surprise. In certain light, these have an almost metallic sheen.

(And no pictures of this, but they look even better as 3D domed frames.)

And eventually I wound up with a little “Apple for the Teacher” tray, that I thought would make a cute gift for teachers since it’s coming up on “Back to School” time. It’s quick to make up, and you could personalize it with the teacher’s name or the class information in the center.

And the sticker I just thought was perfect, so I bought it for home security purposes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Michigan shaped bowls!
An apple for the Teacher
Your Burning Questions Answered: Glitter Glue & Scrollsaw Style Bowls

How do you make so much cool stuff so fast? Awesome job on all of your bowls. :grinning:


These are actually really quick to make. I engraved a placement line on the rings to speed up the gluing and alignment process. :slightly_smiling_face:


So impressive!!


Nice work on these. As always, great technical design and then the added artistic touch of the engraving to take it to Jules Level.


@Jules you are a treasure.


Really keeping the energy up here @Jules. Thanks so much for showing these. A whole new direction for these bowls.


Holy crap you are so fast to turn stuff out. These look amazing, ya I can’t use ai because I don’t own it. I only have free inkscape and fusion


Those square ones! :heart_eyes:

So when do we all descend on @Jules’ house for Camp Glowforge? :smirk: A fun-filled week of learning how to make all the things!


That squarish one is just…whoa!


And I don’t know my way around Inkscape worth a damn. (sigh!) But the other guys worked out a method that worked, so thank goodness we’ve got all kinds of experts in it on the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


This can’t happen…the house generally looks like a small thermonuclear device went off in it - especially the office these days. (Anyone showing up at my door had better jump back or their nose will be bruised. Something had to slide and it was unfortunately the housework.) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


There’s an elegant intricacy in your designs. Maybe one of these will become your hedgehog’s fancy food bowl? :slight_smile:


@dan you’re married - you know perfectly well that the fancy food bowls are only for guests. :hedgie:


Would you be able to make a tutorial for this process or link where I might find one? I’m currently underway and YouTube isn’t available for me but I can view a link later when I hit port.


Yes, the original thread that @Clone posted has a lot of great information on what works and what doesn’t when you are making these things.


Haha, typical @jules, kicking up the action a few extra notches! These bowls are just wonderful! The one that intrigues me the most though is the apple one. The only way I can imagine it was done is to do two sets of apple profiles with one slightly smaller than the other. Otherwise you have no edges to glue to. Is that it?


Wow, the square ones look super cool! Will definitely have to start tinkering in Inkscape.


Yes, something along those lines exactly. Look closely at the stem…the pitch of the ring changed there. The stem is a different slope…not sure what to call it.


Awesome job! I’m probably going to steal the apple design, both my mom and sister are teachers.