An Error Occurred on your Glowforge Messages

I am getting the message “An error occurred on your Glowforge. Please refresh your browser before printing.” I’m getting this far more frequently than I have in the past. I’ve tried refreshing my browser, clearing cash, powering off the GF, cleaning lenses and fans, and often times I can’t get it to resolve so I just quit working on it for the day. It’s not consistent with files or materials. It just randomly comes up when I try to Set Focus. Any suggestions?


I am getting the same message. Two days in a row.

Yesterday it happened in the interface. Today it occurred in the dashboard.

I am using an iPad Pro with the latest update.

This issue is insanely frustrating and is causing all kinds of problems for my home business. its a nightmare.

This can happen if the lid camera is dirty, there is direct sunlight on the lid, or the material you are using is dark. When using dark material, I put a small bright post it not on the material and set focus there. If there is direct sunlight, try placing a towel over the lid.

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