An Error occurred on your Glowforge....please refresh

Hey, when I submit a design to print, I get stuck in a preparing to print cycle, then its stops the print, and I get an error message “an error occurred on your Glowforge, please refresh your page, or try turn off your Glowforge”

Any tips?

Check all wire connections, cleaned every thing, have restarted it like 10 times and tried multiple browsers. Terrible timing for this to happen, as I have a giant craft fair this coming Thursday and I have a ton to print still. Starting to freak out a little bit.

This is very often a problem with the file. Have you tried opening a known file such as the Gift of Good Measure?

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Thanks for the quick reply I appreciate it. Yeah I just tried to do the gift for good measure, and It worked right away. What does that generally mean for my file that is getting the error code?

Side note: The file is all clip art from their premium subscription.

And some of the things that are getting the error message, I printed like 8 times already.

Can’t say what is the problem without seeing the file. You could do the process of elimination thing and delete items until works.


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